7 Best Microwave ovens in India (2022) Buyer’s Guide &Reviews

In Western countries, you will rarely find a kitchen without a microwave. The trend is gradually catching up in India also with the fashionable day woman preferring to take a position during a top microwave.

Microwave ovens are fit every kitchen. There are many vegetarian recipes you will prepare with an excellent degree of efficiency using this appliance.

Best microwave in India

  1. Samsung 28L Convection microwave – MC25H5025VP/TL

French fries are tasty, but if you will cook them without oil, they become tastier and healthier. Your Samsung 28L convection microwave does this for you.

A large family has more requirements. Samsung convection microwave is adequate for the task as this 28L model comes equipped with 101 pre-set Indian menus. One touch of a button is sufficient to activate this feature and prepare your favorite delicacies with utmost convenience.

People with non-vegetarian preferences will find the facility defrost choice to their liking because it allows them to defrost the frozen foods quickly and evenly.

At an equivalent time, Tandoor technology allows you to form crispy rotis and naan because it supports temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

While the glass turntable allows you to cook your food uniformly, disabling the feature enables you to use every inch of interior space to organize food in large quantities and satisfy your family’s requirements. The Triple Distribution feature in ovens is to cook your food uniformly from all angles.

Convection cooking uses hot air for cooking food. Hence, there are chances of food odor getting trapped inside the appliance. The deodorization option allows you to force the inside air outside the appliance and dissipate the foul odor.

Generally, convection microwave ovens consume more power than traditional ones. However, this Samsung model is different because it features an Eco Mode that reduces power consumption to the minimum.

Simultaneously, these interiors are easy to wash because they are doing not require any scrubbing. Besides, the colors don’t dissolve with time.

The touch keypad is one among the foremost convenient to work. Anyone, including older adults within the home, can operate this Samsung 28L convection microwave with ease. While being sensitive to the touch, the membrane is straightforward to wash.


  • It enables you to cook various Indian dishes with absolute ease.
  • You save on fuel costs, time, and labor.
  • The pre-set menus make sure that the food doesn’t get overcooked and hence comes out delicious and tastier.


  • The rotisserie option isn’t available on this convection microwave.
  • This Samsung model consumes more power than its LG counterpart, the 28L Charcoal Convection Microwave, MJ2886BWUM.


  1. LG 28L Convection microwave – MC2886BPUM

The Samsung 28L has touchpad control options. However, if you discover it challenging to work touch screens, the LG 28L model, MC2886BPUM, might be a better option. One advantage is that it’s easy to use and lasts long, as well.

The Pasteurize Milk feature is a superb option that allows you to prepare healthy milk for your children with no fear of the milk boiling and spilling everywhere in the place. Additionally, the 12-minute ghee preparation option allows you to prepare the healthiest ghee with no foul odor.

Generally, microwave ovens just like the Samsung 28L model feature ceramic interiors. However, this LG microwave features a stainless-steel cavity that permits better reflection and uniform cooking.

The samosas prepared by the roadside vendors seem inviting but are often dangerous to your health because the street side vendor uses equivalent oil repeatedly for frying them. This LG microwave uses minimum oil to organize an equivalent samosa, thereby providing you with a healthy option.

Suppose you are keen on possessing rotis for lunch. In such a case, the LG 28L microwave should be the perfect option because you will prepare 12 different sorts of roti menus, like naan, Lachcha parathas, tandoori roti, Missi Rotis, etc. In addition, the to keep warm option may be a useful one because it keeps the food warm for a maximum of 90 minutes.


  • While providing better options than its Samsung counterpart, this LG oven costs less.
  • The child lock feature is exclusive because it isn’t available in models like Samsung 28L CE1041DSB2 or the LG 28L MC2846SL.
  • This oven consumes 1950W of power compared to the Samsung 28L model that consumes 2100W.


  • The stainless-steel interiors offer better heat reflection but are challenging to wash if there are food spillages.
  • Other brands offer glass bowls as additional accessories, whereas they are not available on this LG 28L microwave convection oven.
  1. IFB 30L Convection microwave – 30SC4

Convection microwave ovens are excellent cooking options because they are available with overheating protection features.

This IFB 30L convection microwave offers additional protection like sensor malfunction protection and child safety lock features. Hence, it qualifies together of the safest convection microwave ovens available today.

This IFB convection model is different from the LG or the Samsung 28L convection microwave because it works on a singular Combi-technology featuring grill, convection, and microwave. Thus, it consumes power differently, with the microwave, convection, and grill options consuming 1400W, 2200W, and 1250W, respectively.

This IFB model is analogous to the LG 28L MC2886BPUM because it features a stainless-steel cavity. The heat-reflecting qualities of chrome steel enable uniform cooking. However, the interiors can get hot and messy, especially if there are food spillages.

Cleaning the IFB 30L 30SC4 is straightforward as this oven uses a singular steam mechanism to free the microwave from grease within minutes. Besides, this feature leaves a lemon-like fragrance after the cleaning job.

The Express Cooking feature sets this IFB 30L aside from other microwave ovens in its category. All you are doing is about the load and use the pre-set options to fast-forward your cooking sessions. Defrosting your frozen foods does not take much time either.


  • This appliance may be a multi-utility device as you will use it as a grill, convection, and microwave, counting on your needs.
  • The deodorizing feature ensures that the grill element and microwave are germ-free.
  • Features like digital clock prove helpful to tell you about cooking time, power levels, and time at every usage stage.


  • The package doesn’t accompany additional cookware accessories.
  • This oven doesn’t have rubber or silicone padding on its feet to guard against slippery conditions.
  1. Samsung 28L Convection microwave – CE1041DSB2/TL

While all convection microwave ovens come equipped with similar features, this Samsung 28L model, CE1041DSB2/TL, offers a singular Fermentation function to permit you to form curds or ferment idli batter. This feature employs advanced fermentation technology to line the perfect temperatures for perfect fermentation.

The Slim Fry option helps you prepare chips and french-fried potatoes using as little oil as possible. This technology combines the grill with warm air circulation to make sure that the fried food maintains its crispy interiors with no oil or ghee.

Similarly, this Samsung model is a perfect oven for preparing Indian recipes because it offers a variety of pre-set Indian menus. The Auto Cook menu may be a valuable feature because it ensures the right temperature and timer settings for your recipes.

This Samsung oven features ceramic interiors compared to stainless-steel interiors found in models like LG 28L MC2846SL or the IFB 30L 30BRC2. They are doing not offer an equivalent quite reflecting abilities, but ceramic interiors are easier to take care of.

This Samsung model is different from its LG or IFB counterparts because it features a slight keypad, sensitive to the touch, and is straightforward to wash. Moreover, the kid Lock feature ensures that nobody tampers together with your oven’s settings.


  • The 28L capacity should be ideal for giant families. Additionally, Samsung offers a variety of 28L microwave ovens.
  • The ceramic interiors are easy to wash without using scrubbers or hard detergents.
  • The convection mode that uses warm air to cook your food ensures the retention of nutrients to form your food delicious.


  • This Samsung model consumes 2100W of power. In contrast, the LG 28L models like MC2846SL consume less.
  • This product does not accompany a starter kit.


  1. Bajaj 17L Solo microwave – 1701 MT

Solo microwave ovens are different from convection microwave cooking appliances because they cannot bake or grill. However, these devices help cook food. Therefore, if you’ve got modest requirements, you will choose a solo microwave just like the Bajaj 17L 1701MT.

Operating this Bajaj solo microwave is straightforward because it comes with simple dial options. A person, including children, can operate the oven comfortably. Besides cooking your food efficiently, this Bajaj 1701 MT can reheat and defrost. These options make this home appliance handy.

Compared to convection microwave ovens just like the Samsung and LG models, these solo microwaves consume less power. On the opposite hand, the Bajaj 1701 MT consumes 1200W to deliver a commendable performance. Besides, you’ll choose from five different power levels to cater to your varying cooking needs. Moreover, it enables you to regulate the temperature levels as needed.

This Bajaj 1701 MT comes with a 17L capacity to suit the wants of a mean Indian family. The glass turntable allows it to supply a uniform cooking experience. You will remove the turntable and enhance the cooking space considerably.

This simple microwave doesn’t accompany a grilling facility. If you are keen on possessing grilled sandwiches, the Bajaj 1701 MT isn’t the perfect one.

The cooking complete alarm is an exciting option because it alerts you when the cooking is over. Thus, you’ll set the timer and keep it up together with your other household chores while the Bajaj 1701 MT takes care of your food.


  • The 17L capacity is suitable for little families and bachelors. It is an honest option for people that don’t use the grilling and baking option frequently.
  • You find yourself saving considerable fuel because the Bajaj 1701 MT eliminates the utilization of LPG and other cooking fuels. Thus, it’s an eco-friendly home appliance.
  • The jog dials are convenient to use and last long.


  • It is impossible to organize grilled foods like sandwiches or tandoori items on this Bajaj 1701 MT model.
  • The opaque covering doesn’t allow you to watch your cooking sessions.
  1. Panasonic 20L Solo microwave – NN-SM25JBFDG

This Panasonic solo microwave may be a compact appliance consuming minimum kitchen counter space just like the Bajaj model.

It is a competitively priced product capable of providing an honest cooking experience. As this model may be a solo microwave, it cannot bake or grill. However, it’s handy to cook your delicious food, reheating it, and defrost your frozen foods.

The microwave function doesn’t involve the circulation of warm air inside the machine. Instead, the machine cooks your food by exposing it to electromagnetic waves.

Compared to the convection microwave ovens that accompany unique fans to circulate warm, the solo microwave ovens are helpful for basic cooking and reheating purposes. However, the food doesn’t end up crispy from the outside.

The Panasonic solo microwave features easy-to-use jog dial controls that allow you to settle on the acceptable options and set the timers accordingly.

This Panasonic solo microwave model consumes up to 800W of power. However, you’ll vary the facility levels because it offers five options, counting on your needs. Additionally, the timer is often found out to be a maximum of 35 minutes.

The interiors feature a glass turntable that rotates slowly to make sure uniform cooking is from all sides. You’ll remove the table and enhance the cooking space, if necessary. However, there’ll not be any rotation. Such an appointment is often suitable for reheating purposes.


  • The five power levels allow you to choose the perfect option, counting on your requirements.
  • It may be a simple, compact device with easy-to-use controlling options.
  • The timer function is useful to line the perfect cooking times and stop them from becoming overheated.


Microwave oven – Myths and Facts

Myth 1: Cooling in ovens can make the food less nutritious.

But actually, microwave ovens use less water for cooking food. Vegetable might lose their nutrients if you cook them in water in any of the processes. As these ovens use less water, you’ll safely say that the ovens are happier compared to traditional cooking methods.

Myth 2: Microwaves cook food all the way through.

Microwaves can penetrate only up to 1.5 inches through your food consistent with research conducted within the US. Hence, microwave ovens can’t cook food all the way through. Therefore, you’ve got to take care with food like poultry and meat. It’s better to reheat such food within the microwave instead of cooking them here.

Fact 1: Microwaves are safe

Many people believed that microwaves can cause cancer. The reality is that microwaves are very safe. Standing next to a microwave won’t offer you cancer.

Fact 2: Plastics are often dangerous to use inside a microwave

You should not use plastic containers inside microwave ovens because there are chances of the containers breaking down thereby releasing poisonous substances in your food. It’s better to use glass or ceramic containers rather than plastic, even the high-grade BPA-free ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I able to use a table-top microwave as a built-in model and vice versa?

No, you can’t use a built-in microwave as a table-top device because the edges of the cupboard are exposed without paneling. Hence, you’ll find the edges getting unbearably hot once you use it as a tabletop appliance. An equivalent logic applies to the table-top oven because it can’t be used as a built-in appliance. Both have different configurations.

  1. Are you able to place oven dishes during a microwave cooking range?

It depends on the standard of the dish. Some oven-safe dishes are safe to be used both within the microwave and traditional ovens. You ought to check out the vessel’s specifications that indicate whether it’s safe for oven use or not.

  1. Does the microwave destroy the nutritional value of food?

People believe that microwave destroys nutrients because it involves radiation. Microwaving your vegetables and food doesn’t destroy its nutrients. However, nutrients are heat-sensitive. Hence, any sort of cooking can affect nutritional value. The more water you employ while cooking, the more nutrients you lose.

  1. What is going to happen if I put a non-safe bowl inside the oven?

Ceramic bowls are available in two varieties, oven-safe and non-safe. If you place the non-safe bowl in your oven, it can shatter or crack as you remove them from the oven. Even certain sorts of glass can break when far away from the oven.

  1. Will sitting ahead of the microwave cause cancer?

Studies have proved that there’s no conclusive evidence that radiation from microwave ovens causes cancer. One should know that the toaster can emit more radiation than a microwave.

  1. How long can a microwave last?

Generally, microwave ovens last for up to seven years of normal usage. If you employ it sparingly and look out for the appliance, it can last for even quite seven years. However, heavy usage can reduce the anticipation of the microwave to around four to 5 years.

Final Words

You have just skilled an exhaustive buying guide for microwave ovens. Having seen the features of various microwave ovens, you must have gotten a good idea of what to expect within the market.