Best 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner (AC) in India 2022

Are you trying to find the simplest 2 Ton AC for your Home or Office! During this post, I’m getting to list down the simplest 2 Ton BEE 5 Star and Inverter Split Air Conditioners.

A 2 Ton AC is suitable for room size starting from 190 square feet to 300 square feet. If you’re getting to calm down your front room, Hall or Large Office with Split air conditioning inspect the below post.

Best 2 Ton Air Conditioners

1. Panasonic 2-Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

In this age of smart devices, it’s within the fitness of things that your AC is intelligent. This Panasonic air conditioning satisfies a sensible AC’s requirements and proves that the longer term belongs to the connected living.

The miracle Platform connects and allows access to Panasonic ACs and its intelligent diagnostics to detect issues from before. Thus, it helps in maximizing performance levels and increases the general lifespan. The platform helps customize sleep peacefully and allows users to preset temperature levels through the night for comfort.

The miracle Platform supports Amazon’s Alexa and thus enables hands-free operations of your AC. The smartphone compatibility function allows you to regulate its operations from anywhere within the house using Wi-Fi.

The intelligent platform allows registering of one-touch service that allows digital storing of annual maintenance contracts which makes it easy to handle.

The Powerful Mode allows for higher fan speeds and enhanced cooling in lesser time. The Dry Mode is that the ideal one to possess within the season as this air conditioning offers humidity-free cooling.

The premium Japanese design is one aspect that draws people to put in this AC and enhances the general indoor ambiance.

This product counts together as the foremost durable due to 100% copper tubing to enable faster heat transfer and corrosion resistance. The Shield Blue technology protects the evaporator and condenser coils from corrosion from air, water, and other chemicals.

The Econo Mode, also mentioned because the Power-Saving Mode, limits the utmost power consumption, especially when there are multiple electrical devices within an equivalent room. Therefore, you land up with a reduced electricity bill.

The Power Chill Operation ensures cooling the space within the quickest possible time. Hence, it is a perfect appliance to possess if you’d like immediate relief from the scorching heat of the summer months.

This AC features a twin-cool inverter with two independent motors, resulting in load balancing, smoother, stable, and faster rotation, and fewer and tear of the compressor to make sure longer life. The stabilizer-free operations protect the appliance from voltage fluctuations.

Besides cooling the indoor air, this AC purifies it by following a double-filtration process. The Catechin filter deactivates 90% of bacteria and prevents foul odour, whereas the PM2.5 filter eliminates airborne pollutants smaller than 2.5 micrometers.

This environmentally-friendly AC features an R32 refrigerant, one among the foremost efficient of the lot. The 5-years PCB protection and 10-year warranty on the compressor prove its durability quotient.


  • The manufacturers offer a superb warranty on the compressor.
  • This AC qualifies together of the foremost intelligent appliances in its niche.
  • The voltage stabilizer-free operation is outstanding.


  • The AC doesn’t provide a horizontal swing feature.
  • Installation charges are extra.

2. LG 2.0 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC

With many Indian cities already beginning to experience summer-like conditions, ACs has started whirring in every house. When it involves choosing household appliances, LG seems to be a perennial favourite. This 2-ton 3-star inverter AC is true there at the highest of the recognition charts due to its impeccable features.

Let us start with its dual inverter compressor featuring a varied speed dual-rotary motor to deliver a wider rotational frequency to supply better cooling with energy savings than standard compressors. The 5-in-1 convertible cooling option allows you to line the cooling counting on your requirements.

This LG AC’s stunning feature is that the protection it provides against viruses. The Antivirus protection layer fitted HD filter is coated with Cationic silver ions to deactivate up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses on contact.

This LG air-con machine is ideal for coastal areas and near industrial locations because it features Ocean Black Protection technology to guard the indoor and outdoor units against corrosion. The high grooved copper tubes help to agitate the refrigerant to enable better cooling.

This LG AC cares for the environment because it uses one of the foremost environmentally friendly refrigerants in R32. It also features a low gas detection feature to point to the user about low gas levels. Thus, it helps in timely maintenance and refilling.

The copper tubes and other components get better  protection against dust, smoke, and chemicals due to the Ocean Black Fin protection layer provided in air conditioner. It extends the air conditioner lifespan and makes it a durable appliance.

The R32 refrigerant utilized in this AC has rock bottom heating potential among its peer models. The AC features a singular low gas detection functionality that alerts you when the gas levels reduce to low levels.

The Sleep mode allows your family to possess a peaceful sleeping experience because it reduces noise levels to the minimum. The stabilizer-free operation prevents voltage fluctuations from affecting this appliance’s performance.

The smart diagnosis system is just like the icing on the cake as you get error notifications to assist you to diagnose problems and ensure prompt resolution. This appliance features an auto cleaning option that permits you to show it on and let the warmth exchanger dry. Thus, it prevents bacteria and mold contamination.

The Dual Cool inverter technology keeps your interiors cool even when the temperature outside is sizzling hot.


  • This LG AC doesn’t require an external stabilizer.
  • The general performance is sweet.
  • It delivers excellent cooling while saving energy.


  • Installation charges are separate and don’t form a part of the merchandise pricing.

3. Sanyo 2-Ton 3-Star Dual Inverter Split AC

Sanyo ACs brings an upscale legacy of nearly seven decades of manufacturing flawless products. This appliance works on Dual Cool Inverter technology, where the compressor has two independent motors to make sure quicker and more efficient cooling. While providing high comfort levels, this AC consumes less power.

This air conditioning doubles up as an air purifier by offering excellent purification features. The inbuilt PM2.5 filters and anti-dust filters help remove dust, pollen, and other suspended particles to allow you to enjoy healthiness in every breath.

If you search for instant cooling, this AC offers it unfailingly. The Glacier Mode enables the fans to spin at a 35% higher speed than the traditional Mode to deliver instant cooling at your fingertips, right once you need it the foremost.

The best features of this Sanyo are the filters that help to purify the air inside the space. This AC features PM2.5 filters and mud filters to get rid of dust pollen, and other suspended particles. The Glacier Mode ensures to supply high-quality cooling at your fingertips.

The self-diagnosis feature is beneficial because it displays the error codes on the temperature display unit, thereby guiding the technicians to troubleshoot quickly. Another positive feature of this AC is that the backlit remote. Now, you are doing not need to grope within the dark for the proper settings on the remote.

100% copper coils make sure the fastest heat transfer end in enhanced performance levels. The hydrophilic fins provide superior protection to the condenser and evaporator tubes against rust and salt damage.

This Sanyo model saves you the utmost in power bills because the Eco Function helps optimize its performance and ensure energy-efficient operations.

This AC allows you to bid goodbye to the pain of resetting the temperature after an influence cut. The Auto-Restart feature helps the AC restart from its position at the time of the facility cut.

The self-diagnosis feature is a superb one to possess because it enables quick and reliable maintenance. The error codes displayed on the temperature display area help your AC mechanic diagnose the precise problem and take immediate remedial measures.

The backlit remote may be a convenient feature because it helps you control the temperature in the dark. The Sleep Function adjusts the AC temperature accordingly in the dark to supply comfortable sleep.

The R32 refrigerant makes it one of the foremost environmentally friendly AC due to its excellent ozone depletion and healing potential. It also protects the condenser from accidental fires. Besides, this AC is an energy-efficient device with high ratings.

Some of the opposite excellent features that influence your decision to get this AC is its hidden temperature display features and a timer function that permits comfortable turn on/off functionality at a slightly of a button.


  • It doesn’t require the services of an external stabilizer. • The Glacier Mode ensures instant cooling. • The silent performance may be a standout feature.


  • The remote functionality is average and wishes improvement. • The outdoor unit doesn’t accompany a protective grill.

4. Whirlpool 2-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool ACs works on a singular MPH technology, a fusion of capillary design, and a sensible circuit to make sure instant cooling. This technology uses a 04 evaporator to enable faster heat transfer. Thus, it cools faster and saves power.

This Whirlpool AC can function in several modes like Sleep Mode, where the machine controls the temperature automatically and increases it by one degree per hour to supply excellent comfort. The compressor runs slower within the Eco Mode and thus, increases its efficiency.

The HEPA Filter media purifies the air because it passes through the fine mesh. Trapping the ultra-fine dust particles and pollutants ensures the circulation of pure air inside your homes. The Self-Clean feature prevents the evaporator as well as condenser components from rusting and prevents corrosion. Besides, it protects from bacterial and microbial growth inside the AC.

This AC can detect and identify minor errors through the Self-Diagnosis mode. It enables you to contact the authorized service center and obtain the matter rectified soon. The 100% copper components within the outdoor and indoor units enhance the sturdiness factor.

One of its plus points is that the Auto Air Swing that switches the louver motor on and off to enable unrestricted airflow from one side to the opposite. The Auto Restart option is handy because the machine restarts from its position during an influence cut.


  • The Sleep Mode is convenient because it automatically increases the temperature every hour.
  • The Fast-Cooling Mode is superb to deliver immediate relief.
  • This appliance is right for rooms larger than 150 square feet in area.


  • Installation charges aren’t a part of the pricing package.
  • It doesn’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity

5. Voltas 2-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

Voltas offers a superb range of air-con appliances to settle on from. This product features a variable speed compressor that adjusts its power output counting on the load inside the space. It estimates the ambient temperature and therefore the number of individuals within the room to regulate the cooling mode automatically.

This machine can add different operational modes. The Instant-cooling mode ensures your room becomes cool within a few minutes of switching on your AC. It can prove handy during the oppressive summer heat.

The inverter compressor features a unique quality in that the motor rotates at different speeds thus keeping the counting on the load. Therefore, you save tons of power. Because the motor doesn’t stop or start at frequent intervals, it makes less noise, as well,

This AC comes with air filters to purify the air that circulates within the room, The PM2.5 and mud filters ensure to trap the minute pollutants to enhance the standard of the air you breathe. This AC comes with a Glacier Mode that quickens the cooling performance by delivering instant cooling in as little time as possible.

The Active Dehumidifier Mode is right to be used within the season once you have excessive humidity within the indoor air. This feature eliminates the moisture and makes it comfortable for the user.

The Sleep Mode is ideal during the night because the machine performs silently and adjusts the ambient temperature, counting on your comfort levels. Thus, your family enjoys undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

It is a perfect machine once you have older adults and adults within the home. The advanced air purification feature eliminates dust, pollen, and other allergens to make sure the circulation of pure air inside your house.

This device has 100% copper components that are rust and corrosion-proof. It makes this appliance a durable one capable of lasting long. The R32 refrigerant is environmentally friendly because it exhibits zero ozone depletion potential and low heating potential.

This 2-ton Voltas AC lives up to its brand reputation as a superb cooling appliance in some ways.


  • The 5-star rating ensures maximum power savings.
  • Efficient cooling performance
  • Low noise during operation


  • This appliance doesn’t have Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • It doesn’t have a horizontal airflow swing.

6. Carrier 2-Ton 3-Star Split AC

Carrier is that the leading international AC model available in India today. The 2021 model comes with exquisite features like Al Cool mode that adjusts the cooling, counting on your preferences, and considering the external temperature. It also judges the number of individuals within the room to calculate the amount of warmth transfer accordingly.

The Instant Cool feature provides immediate cooling by enhancing the fan speeds considerably. it’s an impressive feature to possess, especially once you return home and appearance forward to instant cooling.

Besides offering excellent cooling, this Carrier AC ensures purifying the indoor air you breathe. The PM2.5 filter eliminates the minute test of pollutants from the air and allows fresh air to breathe.

The HD filter aids in removing all allergens like pet dander, mold, and bacteria and enhances the healthy quality of the indoor air.

This AC is renowned for delivering the foremost uniform cooling amongst its peers because it features an intelligent Air Direction Control feature. This air conditioning features 100% copper components to make sure better and faster heat transfer to reinforce cooling performance. Copper has the simplest anti-corrosive qualities amongst all metals.

Hence, these components remain unaffected by moisture, dirt, and other elements to make sure an extended lifespan.

Apart from delivering high-quality electrical savings, this AC is superb on the environmental front due to the utilization of R32 refrigerant. This coolant has the simplest ozone depletion and heating potential compared to its peers.

The exquisite design makes this AC a perfect adornment in your bedroom environment because it enhances the general ambiance by several notches. The hidden temperature display enhances its appearance to a special level altogether.


  • This AC doesn’t exhibit any side swing to make sure proper air distribution.
  • The air conditioning displays a superb range of cooling air, even when sitting up to 15m far away from it.
  • The high-quality refrigerant ensures efficient performance and protects the environment.


  • The installation charges are more as compared to other air conditioners, considering the services provided by customer service engineers, as reported by many users.

7. IFB 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC

IFB offers one among the foremost spectacular AC models, whereby you’ll set yourself free with cool, clean air without compromising on the air quality at any stage. The 7-stage air treatment is exclusive within the industry as you enjoy an incredible cooling experience.

The 7-stage air treatment involves using five different filters for purifying the indoor air after cooling it. One of the sterling aspects is that the Auto Clean feature ensures the condenser and evaporator pipes become dry after every usage to discourage bacterial and mild accumulation. Thus, you get fresh air whenever you turn on the AC.

Besides saving energy, this air conditioning is an eco-friendly appliance because it uses R32 refrigerant, one of the industry’s most effective coolants.

These filters include the dust filter, PM0.3 filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated charcoal filter, and therefore the Catechin filter. Besides, you’ve got two diffusers working in tandem, the vitamin C diffuser and therefore the option aroma diffuser, to reinforce air quality to a special level

The twin inverter hi-speed HD compressor works powerfully at peak efficiency to stay indoors cool even on the most well-liked of summer days. The twin gold fin heat exchangers improve heat transfer and supply maximum corrosion resistance.

The Nano-Tech coating protects the evaporator tubes from corrosion, thereby preventing leakage, inefficient cooling, and frequent breakdowns.

The fire-proof electronic control box up the indoor display unit enables high resistance to heat and fire. The air-cooled PCB ensures cooling and efficient performance.

The 100%copper piping with inner grooved tubes agitates the refrigerant perfectly to reinforce heat exchange and deliver quality cooling performance. The grooves increase the area to enable the fastest cooling performance amongst its peers.

The R32 refrigerant may be a standout feature that goes on to guard the environment against damage. This coolant exhibits the simplest ozone depletion and heating potential amongst its competitors.


  • This AC is high on performance and low on complaints.
  • You get the simplest of German technology in its cooling performance.
  • You are doing not need to invest in a separate air purifier for your home.


  • Installation charges don’t form a part of the merchandise pricing.

8. Voltas 243V SZS 2-Ton 3-Star Split Inverter AC

Voltas maintains its reputation of being one of the simplest Indian manufacturers of air-con equipment. It’s evident during this excellent 3-star split inverter AC model because it provides one among the foremost energy-efficient performances amongst other ACs in its niche.

This AC features a high-quality inverter compressor that gives cooling consistent with your requirements while ensuring to save lots of power simultaneously. The R32 refrigerant utilized in this AC enhances the environmentally friendly quotient and makes it an appliance to cherish.

Today’s ACs come equipped with smart features like doubling up as an air purifier, whereby you would like not to invest during a separate air-purifying appliance. This Voltas model provides high-quality air purification with differing types of air filters.

If you come from the office on a hot day and need to possess instant cooling and luxury, you’ll address this Voltas model to supply the very best levels of instant cooling. The inverter causes the fans to figure faster and ensure instant cooling to reinforce comfort levels.

The active dehumidifier is a superb mode to possess within the season. This mode ensures to get rid of all humidity and keep the space free from moisture even when it rains cats and dogs outside

This AC delivers one among the foremost durable performance due to the 100% copper tubing. It ensures better and quicker heat transfer while providing maximum corrosion resistance.

Your family will love this ACs performance within the Sleep Mode because it adjusts the temperature consistent with their convenience. It maintains the temperature at a group level and switches off when it starts getting uncomfortable.

This AC model has one of the foremost exquisite designs to reinforce the general ambiance.


  • The air purifier model is one of the positive aspects of this appliance.
  • This model is high on performance and power savings.
  • This 2-ton AC can cool large rooms up to 200 square feet comfortably.


  • The customer service engineers charge extra for copper tubing, fitting, and installation.
  • The remote function is average.

2 Ton air conditioning Buying Guide

Inverter air conditioning

Most of the consumers think that Inverter AC is said to Power copy Inverter which isn’t true. An Inverter air conditioning adapts its speed counting on the space temperature. The Inverter ACs accompanies Shifting speed motors that adjust their speed consistent with the need.

This AC comes with air filters to purify the air that circulates within the room, The PM2.5 and mud filters ensure to trap the minute pollutants to enhance the standard of the air you breathe. This AC comes with a Glacier Mode that quickens the cooling performance by delivering instant cooling in as little time as possible.

Regular Split ACs is fixed size whereas the inverter Air Conditioners accompanies Variable speed motors. Inverter Technology is like an Elastic Trouser which will suit the dimensions.

The Inverter Air Conditioners aren’t only efficient but also energy saving in effective process. Consistent with BEE, a 3 Star Inverter AC is 7% more energy efficient than a 5 Star Rated Fixed Speed Split AC. So, If your usage of the air conditioner is high, it’s better to choose an Inverter air conditioning. Air Purifier

If you’re living in a Heavy Traffic area or a Polluted environment, it’s better to choose an AC that comes with Dust and Anti-Bacterial filters. Some Amsonia tabernaemontana Air Conditioners also accompany PM 2.5 Air Purifiers.

ISEER, EER and Star Ratings

ERR represents the energy efficiency of an AC and thus the amount of cooling that an air conditioning can provide per watt electricity. Higher the ERR Value and Star Rating, Lower are going to be the facility consumption of an AC.

Copper Coil vs Aluminum Coil

Copper and Aluminum are the 2 sorts of condenser coils that are utilized in Air Conditioners. Regardless of the coil type, there’ll be corrosion. But, Copper coils are easier to repair in comparison to Aluminum.

Aluminum coils are cheaper but they’re not as durable as copper. Maintenance and repairing of an Aluminum coil is very difficult. Apart from providing an exemplary cooling performance, this Godrej AC helps in purifying the air it circulates within the room. The Healthy Auto-Blow feature prevents the expansion of bacteria, thereby ensuring the circulation of fresh air.

Though it works on a non-inverter compressor, the AC provides a multi-layered acoustic jacket to muzzle the sound, thereby ensuring silent operation. The evaporator coils get additional protection within the sort of Bluefin coating for cover from rust and corrosion.

So, it’ll be far better to choose an AC that comes with an Anti-Corrosion feature especially if you’re living almost the shore. Amsonia tabernaemontana Air Conditioners accompany Blue Fin Condensers that prevent corrosion.

Some of the widely used Anti-Corrosion techniques by air-con Manufacturers are Blue Fin Condensers, Micro Channel Condenser coils, and Multi Jet Technology.

Now, you recognize the Frequently used terms in Air Conditioners, If you’ve got any queries regarding the choice of the two Ton Split AC, post them within the comments section below, and I’ll attempt to answer them.­­­