Best 1 Ton Split AC (Air Conditioner) in India 2022

Are you looking to shop for a Split AC in the summer heat? During this post, I’m getting to list down the simplest 1 Ton Split ACs in India. A 1 ton split AC is best fitted to small bedrooms up to 120 square feet.

In case your room has multiple windows or your room is situated above the 3rd floor and sunlight directly falls on the space walls, you’ve got to choose a 1.5 Ton Split AC.

If the space temperature is quite 40 degrees and therefore the usage of the air conditioning is high, it’ll be better to choose an Inverter Split AC.

The Inverter ACs are more efficient and hence save more energy than non-Inverter 5 Star Air Conditioners.

1. LG 1-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC, MS-Q12YNZA

The high-energy savings offered by this LG 1-ton AC enables it to urge a 5-star rating. It comes with excellent features to suit the cooling demands of the typical Indian home.

  • Inverter Compressor – high energy savings
  • One Ton capacity – ideal for little bedrooms
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Copper tubes with Ocean Black Protection – Corrosion resistant
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor – long-lasting as well

LG ACs are the simplest in their genre because they provide 4-in-1 convertible cooling facilities, counting on your cooling requirements. The 4-step energy control feature fulfills your demands by ensuring the AC works at varying capacities.

The dual inverter offers a better cooling range than conventional compressors while saving energy.

This LG split inverter AC features hi-grooved copper tubing to permit oscillatory movement that agitates the refrigerant and leads to better cooling.

The copper tubes and other critical components get ample protection against dust, smoke, and chemicals due to the Ocean Black Fin protection layer. It extends the air conditioner lifespan and makes it a durable appliance.

The R32 refrigerant utilized in this AC has rock bottom heating potential amongst its peer models. The AC features a singular low gas detection functionality that alerts you when the gas levels reduce to low levels.

Himalaya Cool technology provides instant cooling at the touch of a button. The super silent operation enables complete peace of mind and luxury as your family enjoys an undisturbed sleeping experience.

This AC doesn’t require an external voltage stabilizer because it can function perfectly within the input voltage range of 120V to 290V.

The smart diagnosis feature displays error notifications to speak with the servicing engineers and rectify the matter quickly. The Auto Cleaning feature eliminates bacteria and mild formation to stay the appliance dry and clean.


  • Ideal for little rooms with a neighborhood up to 120 square feet
  • 4-in-1 convertible mode saves energy.
  • Noiseless operation


  • Filter aperture is minute and requires frequent cleaning.
  • Remote doesn’t have a backlit feature.

2. Sanyo 1-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC – 1 OT5SC IA

When it involves experience, only a few companies can get up to Sanyo. This company features a seven-decade history of producing a number of the simplest consumer-durable appliances in the world. Thus, you’ll expect perfection once you purchase a Sanyo AC.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – Variable speed increases the efficiency
  • 1-ton capacity – suitable for little rooms
  • 5-star rating – high energy savings
  • Copper condenser coils – reduces maintenance expenses considerably
  • R32 refrigerant – no ozone depletion potential
  • One-year warranty on the merchandise and therefore the condenser, with five years on the compressor

The highlight of the Sanyo AC is Full inverter Technology. This technology works with varying motor speeds counting on the AC usage. Thus, it finishes up providing high-quality performance with excellent savings.

The best features of this Sanyo are the filters that help to purify the air inside the space. This AC features PM2.5 filters and mud filters to get rid of dust pollen, and other suspended particles. The Glacier Mode ensures to supply high-quality cooling at your fingertips.

Switching on this mode allows the fans to rotate at high speeds to deliver instant cooling.

This AC comes with a sleep function that adjusts the temperature in the dark to supply a cushy sleeping experience.

This AC comes with an Auto-Restart feature that resumes the functioning of the AC from the first settings at the time of the facility cut.

The Eco Function present during this AC optimizes the performance of the AC by saving electricity. The copper condenser coils ensure faster cooling and resist corrosion, thereby increasing the lifespan of the AC.

This AC comes with hydrophilic fins that provide excellent protection against rust and salt damage.

The self-diagnosis feature is beneficial because it displays the error codes on the temperature display unit, thereby guiding the technicians to troubleshoot quickly. Another positive feature of this AC is that the backlit remote. Now, you are doing not need to grope within the dark for the proper settings on the remote.

This AC features a 5-star BEE rating that suggests excellent power savings. The R32 refrigerant is an environmentally friendly gas that doesn’t cause any ozone depletion.

Other features include the timer function that permits you to modify the AC at a selected time. The hidden display feature hides the temperature display to offer an aesthetic look to the present AC.


  • Providing high-quality cooling while consuming less power
  • Self-diagnosis feature to assist in its repair
  • Auto Restart feature


  • doesn’t accompany an in-built stabilizer
  • Installation charges are a touch high

3. Daikin 1-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC – FTKF35TV

If LG is an all-rounder, Daikin could also be a specialist. This company manufactures a variety of the only ACs on the planet. This specific model is one of the only ACs in India under Rs 45,000, somewhere around the same price as that of the model discussed earlier, It comes with excellent features, variety of which are,

  • Split AC with inverter – excellent performance with low noise, and high savings
  • 1-ton capacity – ideal for modern-day Indian 10 X 10 bedrooms
  • 5-star energy rating – high-quality power savings
  • Copper condenser coils – better cooling with low maintenance
  • R32 refrigerant – no ozone depletion
  • One-year warranty on the merchandise and condenser with five years on the compressor

On the infrastructure front, this AC ranks among the only. Neo-swing compressor technology has multiple advantages. It reduces friction and vibration and prevents the leakage of gas during compression activity. Thus, you have an efficient and noiseless performer.

The Econo Mode, also mentioned because the Power-Saving Mode, limits the utmost power consumption, especially when there are multiple electrical devices within an equivalent room. Therefore, you land up with a reduced electricity bill.

The Power Chill Operation ensures cooling the space within the quickest possible time. Hence, it is a perfect appliance to possess if you’d like immediate relief from the scorching heat of the summer months.

Families love Daikin ACs because they emit the lowest noise among all ACs. Within the Quiet Operation Mode, the noise levels come right down to a whisper to enable your baby to possess a peaceful sleep at night]

The Coanda Airflow feature provides radiant cooling by circulating the air to all or any of the nooks and corners within the space, thereby creating a fantastic ambiance.


  • Exemplary performance while making the lowest noise
  • High-quality circulation to provide excellent comfort
  • Saves power


  • Installation issues, especially by the service engineers
  • Service personnel not adequately equipped

4. Panasonic 1-Ton 5-Star – Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC – CS/CU-N U12XKYW

Panasonic AC comes equipped with state-of-the-art connectivity features to strengthen the overall convenience and luxury levels and deliver high-quality performances whenever.

  • Wi-Fi Split AC with inverter compressor – Variable speeds to suit your requirements
  • One-ton capacity – suitable for small bedrooms
  • 5-Star energy rating – high on power savings
  • Copper condenser coil with Shield Blu technology – Anti-corrosion technology
  • Miracle Connected Living – Smart AC features

The miracle platform is that this AC’s sterling highlights because it connects and allows access to Panasonic ACs in one place. It enhances performance levels by offering inbuilt intelligent diagnostics and detecting issues beforehand.

Miracle helps control your AC anywhere with a simple tap on your smartphone. You’ll control the AC using your voice commands as this AC is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The miracle customized sleep profile allows you to pre-set temperature profiles through the night for a comfy sleeping experience.

The Panasonic ACs work on high fan speeds to deliver instant cooling. It can also work as a dehumidifier and deduct excess moisture from the space during the season.

The PM2.5 filter and thus the Catechin filter add tandem to form sure pure air delivery by trapping dust particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers and deactivating odor-causing bacteria.

This AC is formed to confront the toughest of climate. The Shield Blu Technology provides the right anti-corrosion protection to the AC’s critical components.

The R32 refrigerant protects the condenser from accidental fire and also ensures zero damage to the ozonosphere.

The stabilizer operation ensures uninterrupted functioning even during extreme fluctuations.


  • Shield Blue protection enhances the Air conditioner’s overall lifespan.
  • R32 refrigerant is an eco-friendly coolant.
  • 100% copper coils enable quicker cooling.


  • Not ideal for large rooms
  • slightly expensive compared to its peers

5. LG 1-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, MS-Q12YNXA

Here is another LG product with impeccable features that qualify it to become the favorite of homemakers everywhere in India. This 3-star AC offers high-quality cooling and energy-saving to win everyone’s heart.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – power-packed performance with the minimum of noise
  • One-ton capacity – perfect for the fashionable Indian bedroom
  • 3-star energy rating – energy consumption of fewer than two units per day
  • Copper components with Ocean Black Protection – Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • 4-in-1 Cooling-As per your requirements

This LG AC draws its power from a dual inverter compressor with a wider rotational frequency to save lots of energy while delivering quicker cooling performance. The 4-in-1 convertible feature where the AC works at 100%, 80%, 60%, and 40% is a useful asset counting on your requirements.

This AC features 100% copper components to make sure better cooling and cooling.

The outdoor and indoor unit’s components get a further protection layer in Ocean Black Fin technology to stop damage to the parts from corrosive elements present within the environment.

If you would like instant cooling, this is often the perfect AC to depend upon because Himalayas Cool technology ensures higher fan speeds to deliver a quicker cooling experience.

Similarly, the silent compressor operation provides complete peace of mind when sleeping.

One of the sterling aspects is that the Auto Clean feature ensures the condenser and evaporator pipes become dry after every usage to discourage bacterial and mild accumulation. Thus, you get fresh air whenever you turn on the AC.

Besides saving energy, this air conditioning is an eco-friendly appliance because it uses R32 refrigerant, one of the industry’s most effective coolants.

The smart diagnosis feature makes it convenient for you to diagnose errors and help in efficient maintenance. Similarly, the low gas detection feature detects low gas levels and assists in timely maintenance.

This appliance may be a safe one because it can add a high input voltage range of 120V to 290V. Thus, it prevents voltage fluctuations from affecting its performance.


  • Efficient performance due to the twin inverter compressor
  • Saves energy thanks to 4-in-1 convertible cooling
  • Ocean Black Fin protection enhances the appliance’s overall lifespan.


  • The remote needs improvement.

6. Sanyo 1-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC – 10T3SC IA

Sanyo may be a versatile AC manufacturer. We’ve seen a Sanyo 5-star AC within the previous paragraph. Here may be a Sanyo 3-star AC that comes with almost similar features. Though the essential elements are equivalent, this AC doesn’t save the maximum amount of power because the 5-star AC does. Hence, it qualifies because of the best AC in India under Rs 25,000.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – Adjusts power consumption thanks to variable speeds
  • One-ton capacity – ideal for rooms up to 100 square feet.
  • 3-star rating
  • Copper condenser coils – for improved efficiency
  • R32 refrigerant – environmentally friendly gas
  • One-year warranty on the merchandise and therefore the condenser with the compressor coming with a 5-year warranty.

The inverter compressor features a unique quality in that the motor rotates at different speeds counting on the load. Therefore, you save tons of power. Because the motor doesn’t stop or start at frequent intervals, it makes less noise, as well,

This AC comes with air filters to purify the air that circulates within the room, The PM2.5 and mud filters ensure to trap the minute pollutants to enhance the standard of the air you breathe. This AC comes with a Glacier Mode that quickens the cooling performance by delivering instant cooling in as little time as possible.

The Eco Function helps to scale back the facility bills considerably. This AC provides the very best convenience due to the Auto Restart feature that switches on the AC from equivalent settings that it had at the time of the facility cut.

The copper condenser coils increase the efficiency of the AC due to quicker cooling. Copper is additionally immune to corrosion.

The hydrophilic fins provide additional protection against rust and salt damage, thereby increasing the condenser’s life.

The self-diagnosis feature may be a boon to AC technicians because the AC diagnoses the issues and displays them for his or her convenience. a number of the opposite features include a backlit remote that gives you the convenience of operating it within the dark.

The Sleep function ensures that the AC adjusts the temperature consistent with your comfort levels in the dark. The timer function ensures that you simply don’t need to awaken in the dark to modify off the AC.

The R32 refrigerant in use makes this AC one among the foremost environmentally-friendly ACs.


  • Best cooling performance
  • Self-diagnostic features
  • Scores high on the sturdiness factor


  • The AC doesn’t have a built-in stabilizer
  • it’s a 3-star rated AC, thereby comparatively less efficient AC

7. Godrej 1-ton 3-star Split AC – 12RTC3-WRA

Consumers expect to urge the simplest of facilities at the foremost reasonable prices once they purchase a Godrej brand. This AC doesn’t allow them to down in any way.

  • Split AC with a non-inverter compressor – Good on the affordability front
  • One-ton capacity – ideal for little Indian bedrooms you’ve got in flats today
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Copper condenser coils – improved performance
  • R32 refrigerant – good for the environment
  • One-year warranty on the merchandise and condenser, and five years on the compressor

Apart from providing an exemplary cooling performance, this Godrej AC helps in purifying the air it circulates within the room. The Healthy Auto-Blow feature prevents the expansion of bacteria, thereby ensuring the circulation of fresh air.

Though it works on a non-inverter compressor, the AC provides a multi-layered acoustic jacket to muzzle the sound, thereby ensuring silent operation. The evaporator coils get additional protection within the sort of Bluefin coating for cover from rust and corrosion.

This AC comes with a group of air filters installed in it. They assure the circulation of fresh air within the room. The active carbon filter removes the bad odor from the air, while the anti-bacterial filter ensures to eliminate the bacteria.

The anti-dust screen takes care of the minute pollutants like dust mites, then on to form sure that the occupants of the space get pure air to breathe. The anti-microbial Auto Blow feature prevents the buildup and formation of bacteria.

The non-inverter compressor remains capable of delivering robust and precise cooling while operating at rock bottom noise levels. This AC uses R32 refrigerant, one of the simplest in use today due to its ‘No Ozone Depletion’ qualities. It’s a welcome step towards the building of a greener planet.


  • Powerful performance with the smallest amount disturbance
  • Presence of air filters to reinforce the standard of air within the room
  • Environmentally-friendly AC


  • This AC may be a 3-star AC, hence not the foremost energy-efficient
  • It doesn’t accompany an in-built


8. Voltas 1-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC – VDZU2

Voltas is that the oldest Indian company manufacturing ACs. Hence, you get plenty of experience as another advantage once you purchase the 1-ton 3-star Voltage AC. This AC, one among the simplest ACs in India under Rs 35,000, comes with a number of the foremost fascinating features.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – quick cooling with power saving
  • One-ton capacity – best for rooms up to 100 square feet in area
  • 3-star energy rating – Average savings
  • Copper Condenser coils – high on performance and sturdiness
  • R410A refrigerant gas – Effective alternative to R32

The positive aspect of this Voltas AC is that the DC inverter technology reduces power consumption by maintaining the temperature at ideal levels. Because it doesn’t turn on and off frequently, it not only saves current but also doesn’t make any noise.

The high-ambient cooling feature ensures uniform cooling of the space even at temperatures ranging quite 50 degrees Centigrade. The Advanced Air Purification function provides clean and pure air to breathe by filtering all the pollutants and bad odors.

The copper condenser coils are excellent due to their cooling features. Copper is additionally a corrosion-resistant metal as compared to aluminum. Hence, Voltas AC may be a durable appliance.

The Voltas AC comes with an in-built stabilizer that takes care of all types of voltage fluctuations. This stabilizer comes with both step-up and step-down facilities, thereby eliminating the necessity for an external stabilizer.

The Active dehumidifier is a perfect feature to possess within the monsoon months because it controls the humidity within the air. This AC is one of the eco-friendliest appliances available today.

Other exciting features include the multi-stage filtration control for removing allergens and other pollutants from the indoor air. The 4-way auto-louver function ensures uniform distribution of cold air throughout the space.

The low energy torque control feature enables the maintaining of a continuing temperature, thereby proving to be an energy-saving feature.


  • Excellent brand reputation
  • High-quality performance with the minimum amount of noise
  • Multi-stage filtration ensures the circulation of fresh air


  • The 3-star rating may be a dampener
  • as compared, the value appears a touch on the upper side

9. Hitachi 1-Ton 3-Star MERAI 3 100S Champion Inverter Split AC, RSFG312H DEA

Hitachi air-con equipment provides high-quality cooling. One has got to feel the cooling performance to believe it. Its excellent features make it one of the foremost cherished household appliances in an Indian home.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – Quality performance with minimum noise
  • 1-ton capacity – Ideal for little rooms but 110 square feet in area
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Copper condenser coils – better heat exchange
  • Air filters – ensure purified air

Hitachi air conditioners come equipped with inverter compressors designed to deliver high efficiency while making the smallest amount of noise. Inverter compressor ensures to run at varying speeds to deliver optimal cooling, counting on your needs.

Thus, this equipment saves considerable power throughout the year to earn a 3-star energy rating.

The Wave Blade design ensures there’s no sound because the AC works smoothly to deliver cool air throughout the space. This AC features copper condenser tubes to enable better cooling and quicker cooling.

The Auto Cool Dry technology ensures eliminating moisture collected on the condenser and evaporator pipes to eliminate bacteria and supply odor-free air.

The Big Flow Deflector feature enables the appliance to throw cold air to each corner of the space and ensure there are not any blind spots.

The Frost Wash technology discourages bacterial and mold formation to deliver fresh air once you need it the foremost.

Air filters’ presence ensures the trapping of bacteria, dust, and allergens to supply clean and pure air to breathe. The Auto Filter Cleaning technology helps in cleaning the filters effectively after use.

The stabilizer-free operation eliminates the external voltage stabilizer and protects the unit from damage thanks to voltage fluctuations.


  • one among the foremost elegant looking air conditioners
  • Super-fast cooling and straightforward operations
  • Noiseless performance


  • The R410A refrigerant isn’t the simplest one available on the market.

10. Carrier 1-Ton 3-Star Split AC, CAS12ES3R30F0, 2021

Carrier can claim to be referred to as the inventor of recent air-con due to the wonderful features in their latest 2021 models.

  • Split AC with non-inverter compressor – Affordable model
  • One-ton capacity – best for little rooms
  • 3-star energy rating – ISEER value of three .62
  • Copper condenser coil – better performance and low on maintenance

Though this Carrier model doesn’t feature an inverter compressor, it comes equipped with multiple modes like Auto Mode, Cool Mode, Dry Mode, Fan Mode, and Sleep Mode to supply you with excellent options.

Besides, it can work on the Turbo Mode to chill the space quickly and deliver instant cooling.

This Carrier AC features a singular functionality within the Follow Me feature. On activating this feature, the inbuilt room sensor on the remote allows the AC to regulate the ambient temperature around the remote. Thus, the cooling reaches you in every corner.

An exciting feature of this Carrier AC is that the dual filtration circulates pure and fresh air inside the space.

The PM2.5 filter eliminates the harmful allergens, whereas the HD filter takes care of the microscopic dust particles to take care of the very best quality of air purity.

Copper is a superb conductor of warmth. This air conditioning features 100% copper condenser coils that help in better heat transfer. Thus, it ensures better cooling than aluminum.

On the sturdiness and maintenance front, copper is superior to aluminum and other alloys. While providing full value for money, copper coils are excellent on the repairable front.

The auto-cleanser feature present on this air con appliance ensures that the tubes remain dry after every usage. Therefore, it discourages bacterial and mild formation to reinforce the AC’s overall lifespan.


  • A compact appliance that gels with the general domestic ambiance
  • The silent blower function reduces noise and ensures pleasant and undisturbed sleep.
  • a perfect AC for small bedrooms in Indian apartments today


  • Users are not satisfied with the customer service provided by Carrier.
  • a touch low on the energy-saving front

11. Amsonia tabernaemontana 0.8-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC, IC309RBTU

Blue Star features a tremendous reputation for manufacturing simple air-con equipment in India locally. The superb features available on these machines make it one of the foremost popular brands available on the market.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor – Variable speed to deliver optimal cooling
  • 0.8-ton capacity – ideal for rooms with a neighborhood between 70 and 100 square feet
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Copper condenser coils – require low maintenance
  • R32 refrigerant – eco-friendly

The inverter compressor ensures ultimate cooling performances with exceptional energy savings. The R32 refrigerant utilized in this AC has zero ozone depletion potential and one among rock bottom heating potential among all refrigerants.

This air conditioning uses copper coils to enable better heat exchange, thereby delivering excellent cooling. They require less maintenance.

The anti-corrosive gold fins discourage water and mud deposits on the coils to make sure unhindered cooling and enhanced durability.

This AC features a Turbo Cool Mode to supply adequate cooling instantly, even in extreme summer conditions. The innovative symbolic logic feature allows you to sleep peacefully throughout the night because it regulates the temperature levels consistent with your comfort.

The 2-way auto swing feature comes equipped with a motorized horizontal and vertical swing utility to make sure uniform cooling throughout the space. The innovative remote includes an inbuilt sensor to make sure the specified comfort around you all the time.

This air conditioning is that the easiest to take care of due to the self-cleaning technology. After switching off the AC to stop the delivery of unpolluted and fresh air on restarting the appliance, it cleans the condenser and evaporator tubes.

The Self-Diagnosis feature displays a mistake code to enable a quick and straightforward diagnosis to make sure proper care to guard the air conditioning from damage.

The aesthetically designed AC comes with a hidden light-up display to feature slightly of sophistication to space.

This AC features an Eco Mode that permits the compressor to run at lower speeds. thus reducing the condenser units pressure. It enhances the general efficiency and also leads to adequate savings in power consumption.


  • Quick cooling, especially if your room is a smaller amount than 100 square feet in area
  • High-quality, eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Self-cleaning and self-diagnosis features increase the general desirability quotient


  • Users have complained of unsatisfactory service.
  • The warranty isn’t available if you put in this AC in rooms bigger than the quality recommended size.

12. Daikin 0.8-Ton 3-Star Split AC, FTL28TV

Daikin may be a trusted brand, especially once you search for smaller capacities because they supply high-quality cooling and saves you tons of power. Excellent features make it the go-to AC for Indian homes.

  • Split AC with non-inverter compressor – Affordable compared to inverter split ACs
  • 0.8-ton capacity – best fitted to modern Indian nuclear homes
  • 3-star energy rating – low power bills throughout the year
  • Copper condenser coils – low on maintenance
  • Stabilizer-free mode – prevents damage thanks to voltage fluctuations

Daikin AC’s stellar features include Coanda Airflow technology that ensures uniform distribution of cool air to each corner of the space. It allows you to enjoy enhanced comfort with one click on the remote.

The Power Chill Operation entails the fans running at maximum speed to make sure quick cooling once you need it the foremost.

The Econo Mode is that the most convenient one to use because it delivers maximum efficiency with minimum power consumption. It proves handy once you have multiple electrical devices simultaneously on a shared circuit.

The stabilizer-free operation is another of Daikin AC’s highlights. you would like not to depend upon external voltage stabilizers.

This AC auto detects errors and shows the related codes on the remote. Thus, it helps self-diagnose errors and helps in easy maintenance.

R32 is one among the perfect refrigerants in ACs due to its low GDP and 0 ozone depletion potential compared to other coolants like R22 and R410A.

All piping utilized in these Daikin ACs is 100% copper. Thus, you enjoy the advantages of higher heat exchange and quicker cooling while retaining the sturdiness factor.

These copper pipes have grooves inside them to permit oscillatory refrigerant and agitate it sufficiently to make sure it’s better functioning.

Daikin AC insulation kits are UV treated to make sure an extended lifespan. The specially-designed outdoor power supply provides additional safety from fire accidents.

The high-impact Polystyrene IOU enhances the general appearance of the unit to match the room’s ambiance.


  • an aesthetic product capable of delivering top-notch performance
  • Quick cooling
  • High-quality refrigerant


  • Not the simplest option for giant rooms
  • It doesn’t have an inverter compressor.

Air Conditioners – Commonly Used Terms Ton Ton is that the term that’s wont to measure the capacity of an air conditioning. 1 Ton is that the Power of an AC which will cool 1000 KGs air within each day.

Star Ratings and Energy Efficiency

EER represents the efficiency of air conditioning and therefore the amount of cooling that an AC can produce per watt electricity usage.

Higher the Star Rating and therefore the EER value, lower is going to be the facility consumption. As I discussed earlier, Inverter ACs don’t have star ratings.

Since most of the users are posing for Ratings, BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) started Rating Inverter ACs also.

Dust and Anti-Bacterial Filters

Now, Most of the Split ACs are equipped with Dust and Anti-bacterial filters that remove the pollen, bacterium, pet hairs, dust mites, and other invisible dust. you’ve got to choose a Split AC that comes with the Dust filter if you reside during a Heavy Traffic area otherwise you are allergic to dust, pollen, or mites.


The dehumidification feature reduces the humidity within the room. This feature is going to be useful for surroundings that have high moisture content.


Auto Cleaning function within the Air Conditioners prevents the buildup of dust, bacteria on the warmth exchanger thereby extending the lifetime of the AC.

Copper Coil or Aluminium Coil

Copper and Aluminium are the 2 sorts of Condenser coils that are utilized in the ACs. Copper coils are expensive, but they’re much easier to repair in comparison with Aluminium. In Most cases, Damaged Aluminium coils need to get replaced.

Now, tons of techniques are introduced to guard the coils against corrosion. Most of the highest AC brands pre-coat the coils with anti-corrosive materials.

Blue Fin Condensers, Micro Channel Condenser coils (Multi Jet, Multi-Channel Technology) are a number of the Techniques employed by AC manufacturers to stop coil corrosion.

So, regardless of the sort of Condenser Coil used, you’ve got to choose an AC that gives an Anti-Corrosive Coating to the coils. Inspect this post to seek out the entire difference between  Aluminium condensers.

Auto Restart

Now, Most of the Split Air Conditioners are equipped with a chip that stores info like preferred temperature and humidity. just in case there’s an influence Outage, the AC will revert to original settings.

Just undergo all the above 1 Ton Split AC models then select the proper one consistent with your requirement.

If you’ve got any queries regarding the choice of Best 1 Ton Split AC, feel free to ask.