Activating Your New Phone on Xfinity Mobile at

So you just got a shiny new phone from Xfinity Mobile! Let me walk you through how to get that bad boy up and running. Activating your device is super easy – I’ll have you connected in no time.

What You’ll Need Before We Get Started

  • Your new Xfinity Mobile phone
  • An Xfinity Mobile SIM card
  • Your Xfinity account login credentials
  • If transferring a number:
    • Your previous carrier account number
    • Your previous carrier account PIN

First things first, let’s unpack your new toy!

Unboxing Your Phone and SIM Card

Carefully open up that new phone and take a peek at all the goodies inside. You should have:

  • Your new device
  • An Xfinity SIM card
  • A charger
  • Any other accessories

Go ahead and turn your phone off for now. Then eject the SIM tray and gently place your new Xfinity SIM card inside.

Head Over to Your Xfinity Account

Now we’re ready to connect this thing! On another device, head to the Xfinity Mobile activation page at

  • Login with your Xfinity credentials.
  • Select the device you want to activate.
  • If transferring a number, enter your account details from the previous carrier when prompted.
  • Confirm your billing address.
  • Choose if you want a new number assigned or enter the number you’re transferring.
  • Click Activate.

Once activation finishes, you’ll get a confirmation email. Give your new device a reboot and voilà – start enjoying that fast 5G!


How do I activate my existing phone?

If keeping your phone, just swap the old SIM for your shiny new Xfinity SIM. Have your account number and PIN from the previous carrier ready to enter during activation.

Where do I find account details from my old carrier?

Check your old phone bills! If you can’t find the info there, contact customer support for your previous carrier.

I hope this guide helped explain Xfinity Mobile activation. Now go have some fun with your new phone! Let me know if any other questions come up.