www.switch2tmobile.com – Switch to T-Mobile with Carrier Freedom

Switching cell phone carriers can be complicated, but T-Mobile aims to make things easier with their Carrier Freedom program. This guide covers everything you need to know to successfully switch to T-Mobile, take advantage of deals, and start enjoying their service.

Overview of T-Mobile Carrier Freedom

T-Mobile Carrier Freedom allows you to switch from your current carrier while keeping your phone, getting reimbursed for early termination fees, and taking advantage of T-Mobile plan rates and phone upgrade deals.

Key benefits include:

  • Keep your current phone or get a new one
  • Get up to $750 per line reimbursed for early termination fees
  • Take advantage of competitive T-Mobile plan rates
  • Access T-Mobile’s fast, nationwide 5G network
  • Upgrade to the latest phones for low monthly payments

You can switch online or at a T-Mobile store. The process takes less than 10 minutes for one line or up to one week for multiple lines.

Am I Eligible to switch2tmobile.com?

To qualify for Carrier Freedom reimbursements when you switch, you must:

  • Transfer your wireless number to T-Mobile
  • Trade-in your phone if you are financing or leasing it
  • Have been in good standing with your carrier for at least 90 days
  • Fully pay off your phone financing within 30 days of switching
  • Switch a maximum of 5 lines on the same billing address

You can check your eligibility online by:

  1. Going to T-Mobile’s eligibility checker
  2. Entering your phone number
  3. Completing the reCAPTCHA and clicking “Search”

How to Switch Carriers Online

Switching online is easy and allows you to trade-in your old device and order a new phone simultaneously.

To start the online switching process:

  1. Check upgrade options and deals at switch2t-mobile.com
  2. Click “Sign in” to create your T-Mobile ID
  3. Transfer your number to T-Mobile (port-in)
  4. Choose a new device and select trade-in during checkout
  5. Ship back your old device using the provided USPS label within 14 days
  6. Wait for your Carrier Freedom reimbursement approval text

Make sure to complete your port-in, new phone activation, and trade-in before submitting your reimbursement request!

Getting Reimbursed for Early Termination Fees

After switching to T-Mobile, you can easily submit a Carrier Freedom reimbursement request for any early termination fees:

  1. On switch2t-mobile.com, sign in to your T-Mobile account
  2. Click “Submit payment request” under the switching offer details
  3. Select your reimbursement payment method
  4. Upload a final bill and any device financing details
  5. Click submit and wait for your prepaid debit card

Reimbursements are issued for up to $750 per line that you switch over from your old carrier.

Still Have Questions?

Contact T-Mobile Customer Service at 1-888-390-6867 or reach out on social media if you have any other questions when switching with Carrier Freedom. Their experts can walk you through the process.

Switching to T-Mobile Carrier Freedom is the easiest way to reap the rewards of their fast nationwide 5G network, great phone upgrade deals, and bill reimbursement perks. Follow this guide to make the switch seamlessly.