Activating Your Rapid PayCard via activate card

So you just got a Rapid! PayCard in the mail. Awesome! These prepaid Visa cards issued by Green Dot Bank make getting paid and using your money easier than ever. But before you can start swiping, you need to activate your card.

Activating your card is super simple and only takes a few minutes. In this handy guide, I’ll walk you through how to activate your Rapid! PayCard either activate card. I’ve also included some tips once your card is ready to use so you can start taking advantage of it right away!

Activating Online at activate card

Activating online is crazy fast – usually under 5 minutes. Here’s what to do:

  1. Grab your new Rapid! PayCard and flip it over to the back
  2. See that long 16-digit number? That’s your card number – you’ll need it in a sec
  3. On your computer or phone, head to the activate
  4. Enter your 16-digit card number when prompted
  5. Follow the steps to provide your personal details
  6. Boom! Your card is now activated and ready to use!

Activating By Phone

If you prefer to activate by phone, no problem! Just:

  1. Call 1-877-380-0980
  2. Follow the automated prompts to activate your card using your 16-digit card number
  3. Provide any requested personal details
  4. Your Rapid! PayCard will now be activated

And that’s it! Two simple ways to get your card up and running within minutes.

Now Let’s Use This Bad Boy

Your Rapid! PayCard isn’t just for your paychecks. Here are some other ways you can put it to use:

  • Shop online or in stores anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Split bills and share expenses with friends
  • Get cash back at grocery stores
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Receive tax refunds, pensions, and government benefits
  • Personalize your card with your name for free

So go enjoy the convenience of your Rapid! PayCard! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m happy to help explain anything.