Participating in PCH Sweepstakes: A Friendly Guide at

Have you ever received one of those Publishers Clearing House prize notices in the mail? You know, the ones that get your hopes up about winning big? Well, as tempting as it seems, don’t throw that notice away just yet!

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a legitimate company that has awarded real prizes to everyday folks since 1953. But you do have to take the right steps to participate. This friendly guide breaks down everything you need to know to enter PCH sweepstakes the right way.

What is PCH?

PCH is a direct marketing company focused on promotions and sweepstakes. You’ve likely seen their ads on TV with the “Prize Patrol” showing up to surprised winners’ homes.

They make money by promoting magazine subscriptions and merchandise. But the sweepstakes are completely free to enter, and yes – people really do win!

“PCH pays out an average of $250 million in prizes every year. With odds like that, it’s worth giving it a shot!”

Is PCH Legit?

There are unfortunately scams out there preying on people’s hopes of winning. So it’s normal to question if PCH is the real deal.

The answer is yes! PCH is 100% legitimate. They would not still be in business after 70 years if they didn’t award their sweepstakes prizes.

However, it’s very important to only interact with PCH through their official channels. Be wary of anyone contacting you asking for fees or personal details like social security numbers. PCH will never ask for that.

As long as you enter carefully, you can feel confident that PCH games and sweepstakes provide real cash prizes.

How to Enter PCH Sweepstakes at

Entering the PCH sweepstakes is thankfully pretty straightforward. Here are all the legit ways to participate:

  • Website – Visit and look for sweepstakes to enter
  • Mail – Fill out and return sweepstakes mailers you receive
  • Phone – Some sweepstakes have a phone number to call and enter
  • Email – Opt-in to PCH emails and enter online sweepstakes
  • Subscriptions – Order magazines or merchandise to be auto-entered
  • Games – Play games on for more entries

The key things to look out for are the sweepstakes end date and the specific entry requirements. As long as you carefully follow the steps for each sweepstakes, you’ll be entered correctly.

Using Your Activation Code

You may receive a mailer or email with a special PCH “Activation Code.” This is a unique 5-character code used to confirm your entry.

To use it, go to and enter your code by the expiration date. This verifies your eligibility and submits an official entry on your behalf. Don’t share your code – make sure to enter it yourself to properly register.

Tips for Winning

With billions in prize money awarded, someone has to win these PCH sweepstakes right? Why not you? Here are some tips to boost your odds:

  • Enter often – Set reminders to enter as many PCH sweepstakes as you can
  • Use all entry methods – Submit mailed entries, play online games, refer friends
  • Follow up – Check PCH channels regularly so you never miss a new sweepstake
  • Be patient – Wins happen when you least expect them. Persistence pays off!

The bottom line is that PCH does award real money to every day people and their games are fun to play. So what do you have to lose by entering? Use this guide to participate the right way and maybe you’ll soon be welcoming the Prize Patrol to your front door!

Good luck!