Harris Teeter Login at www.myhtspace.com

Working at Harris Teeter comes with some great perks and benefits. As an employee, you have access to a handy online portal called MyHTSpace where you can view payslips, request time off, manage your schedule, and more. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to log into your MyHTSpace account and take advantage of all it has to offer.

What is MyHTSpace.Com?

MyHTSpace is Harris Teeter’s employee platform available at www.myhtspace.com. Here are some of the key things you can do on MyHTSpace:

  • View your schedule and request time off
  • Access payroll information and paystubs
  • Review health and welfare benefits details
  • Contact HR support directly
  • Stay updated on company news and policies

Having all these tools in one convenient place makes managing your work life at Harris Teeter so much easier!

Logging In to Your Account

Logging into your personal MyHTSpace account only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Go to www.myhtspace.com
  2. Enter your unique MyHTSpace username and password
  3. Click Login

If at any point you forget your login credentials, you can reset your password directly from the MyHTSpace login page. Just click “Forgot user name or password” and provide the requested identifying details like your Social Security Number.

Key Features and Benefits

Once logged in, you’ll have access to a wealth of helpful features. Here are some top highlights:

Employee Self-Service

Through the portal, you can:

  • View your current and past pay statements
  • Update direct deposit account information
  • Access W-2 tax forms
  • Review 401K contribution amounts

Scheduling and Time-Off

  • Request time off days in advance or call out if an unexpected need arises
  • Trade shifts with coworkers directly through the site
  • Stay on top of schedule changes and confirmations

Company News and Policies

MyHTSpace also keeps you looped in on:

  • The latest announcements from leadership
  • Policy changes or reminders
  • Corporate events and initiatives
  • Internal job openings you can apply for

And much more! MyHTSpace pulls all your work-related information into one intuitive platform.

Still Have Questions?

For help accessing your account or issues with the site, the Harris Teeter HR Service Center is available:

Monday-Friday: 8AM – 5PM EST
Phone: 888-590-8859

The MyHTSpace employee portal makes managing your work life efficient and hassle-free. Log in anytime to access this useful tool exclusively for Harris Teeter staff!