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The IRS has released a newly redesigned W4 form for 2020 that no longer uses allowances. If you have questions about how to complete the new W4, this guide will walk you through the key information you need to know.

Accessing the New W4 Form

You can find the 2020 W4 form on the IRS website at Look for the “Forms” section. The form is also available through many employer HR portals.

When filling out the form, you will need to provide:

  • Your filing status (single, married, head of household)
  • Information about your job(s)
  • Dependents you plan to claim
  • Other adjustments for additional income, deductions, or withholding

The form has clear instructions, but let’s go through each section in more detail.

Step 1: Enter Personal Information

In this section, simply fill in your name, address, Social Security Number, and tax filing status. Your status will be one of:

  • Single or Married filing separately
  • Married filing jointly
  • Head of household

Your filing status helps determine your tax rate and eligibility for certain credits and deductions.

Step 2: Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works

This section applies if you have more than one job, or if you’re married filing jointly and both you and your spouse work. There are three options:

  1. Use the IRS’s online estimator for the most accurate withholding
  2. Use the Multiple Jobs Worksheet provided on the form
  3. Check the box if there are only two jobs total to have taxes withheld at the higher rate

The online estimator takes into account all your income to provide the most accurate estimate. The Multiple Jobs Worksheet is a bit simpler but still accounts for combined income. If there are just two jobs with similar pay, checking the box is the easiest option.

Step 3: Claim Dependents

If you have qualifying children or other dependents you plan to claim on your tax return, fill in the relevant information here. The form provides space to multiply the number of qualifying children and other dependents by the corresponding tax credit amounts. This reduces withholding to account for the credits you expect to receive.

Step 4: Other Adjustments

Here you can make further adjustments to your withholding:

  • (a) Other income not from jobs, like interest, dividends, or retirement income
  • (b) Deductions other than the standard deduction, like itemized deductions
  • (c) Any extra withholding you want per pay period

Fill in the corresponding amounts, if applicable. This customizes your withholding even more to match your tax situation.

Step 5: Sign and Date

Lastly, sign and date the form to attest that the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Submit the completed form to your employer’s HR or payroll department – not the IRS.

By walking through each section of the redesigned 2020 W4, you can ensure you are having the right amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck. This helps avoid a big tax bill or a huge refund when you file your return. For further questions, consult a tax professional or refer to the detailed instructions on the IRS website.