Activate Twitch TV on Smart Devices via

Watching live streams on Twitch is easier than ever thanks to the Twitch apps available on many popular devices. Whether you want to watch on your PlayStation, Fire TV, or even your phone, this guide will walk you through getting Twitch set up.

Activate Twitch at

The first step is to activate your Twitch account on the device. Here’s how it works on some common platforms:

Playstation 4/5

  1. Download the Twitch app from the Playstation Store
  2. Open the app and select Log In
  3. A code will appear on screen, along with the activation URL:
  4. On another device, visit the URL and enter the code
  5. Click Activate and log into your Twitch account

Pro Tip: You may need two-factor authentication enabled to stream from your Playstation. Check your account settings.


  1. Search for the Twitch channel in Roku Streaming Channels
  2. Launch the Twitch app
  3. Choose Log In
  4. Your screen will now show a unique activation code
  5. Go to on your phone/computer and enter the code
  6. Click Activate and log into Twitch.

Fire TV

  1. Find Twitch app in Fire TV Find section
  2. Install the app
  3. Open the app and choose Sign In
  4. Your unique activation code will appear along with URL
  5. Enter the code on that page and click Activate
  6. Use your Twitch login to sign in

And the process is similar for Android TV and Apple TV – just find Twitch in their respective app stores.


Got questions about using Twitch? Here are some common ones:

  • What devices work with Twitch?
    • Twitch is available on Fire TV, Playstation, Xbox One, Roku, Android TV and Apple TV.
  • Why do my streams freeze/blur?
    • This is usually due to slow internet. Make sure you have adequate broadband speeds.
  • Can’t load the app?
    • Try clearing the cache, uninstall/reinstall the app, or check for system updates. You’ll need to reactivate after reinstalling.

Twitch makes it simple to watch all your favorite streamers on nearly any device. Just grab the app, activate your account, and enjoy! Let us know if you have any other questions.