How to Activate TikTok TV App via

Tired of craning your neck to watch TikTok videos on your tiny phone screen? I’ve got good news for you – you can now get TikTok on your TV! 📺 This complete guide covers everything you need to know to activate TikTok across popular streaming platforms and smart TVs.

An Overview of TikTok TV at

In case you’ve been living under a rock, TikTok has become the app for short, entertaining videos. And with over a billion monthly active users, TikTok is now expanding to the living room so you can comfortably binge-watch viral dances and comedy skits on the big screen.

Here’s a quick rundown of TikTok TV:

  • Dedicated app – TikTok has launched a TV-optimized app for modern streaming devices and smart TVs. This delivers a flawless viewing experience tailored for TVs.
  • Smart TV integration – Select Samsung and LG smart TVs come with TikTok pre-installed. Just log into your account and start watching!
  • Screen mirroring – For devices lacking TikTok support, you can simply mirror the phone app to your TV wirelessly.

Now let’s get TikTok up and running on your television, no matter the platform!

Activate TikTok on Fire TV and Fire Stick

I’ll start with Amazon’s streaming gear since it’s the most popular. Activating TikTok on Fire TV takes just a few minutes.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Edition smart TV
  • TikTok account
  • Mobile phone or computer for activation

Step 1: On your Fire TV device, open the Amazon Appstore and install the TikTok app

Step 2: Launch the TikTok app and note down the unique activation code displayed

Step 3: Visit on your phone/PC and log into your TikTok account

Step 4: Enter the code from the TV and click Activate

Step 5: Enjoy endless TikTok videos on the biggest screen in your house!

And you’re all set! The steps are pretty straightforward for other platforms too…

Get TikTok on Android TV and Google TV via tv.tiktok/activate

Since Android TV OS powers most new smart TVs and streaming devices, chances are you already own a supported device.

  • On Android TV/Google TV, search for “TikTok” on the Play Store and install the app
  • Launch TikTok > Note down activation code
  • Visit and sign in
  • Submit code and activate

Activate TikTok on Your Samsung Smart TV via tv.tiktok/activate

If you purchased a new Samsung Smart TV, TikTok likely came pre-installed. Sweet!

  • Open TikTok from Samsung’s Smart Hub
  • Generate an activation code
  • Enter code at to link your account

And voila! TikTok videos are now playable on your Samsung TV.

Mirror TikTok to Apple TV and Roku

Unfortunately, TikTok hasn’t launched dedicated apps for Apple TV or Roku yet. But fret not! You can mirror the phone app to these devices wirelessly.

Here’s a quick primer on mirroring TikTok:

  • Install TikTok on your iPhone/Android phone
  • Connect phone to Apple TV/Roku via Screen Mirroring
  • Launch the TikTok app and start watching! Videos will broadcast from your phone to the TV.

And that’s pretty much it! While slightly less convenient, screen mirroring allows you to enjoy TikTok on unsupported devices for now.

Sign Up for TikTok

Before activating TikTok across devices, you’ll need a TikTok account.

  • Visit and click Sign Up
  • Provide your email / phone number to create an account
  • Or sign up quickly with Google, Facebook etc.
  • Personalize your profile

And you’re ready to activate TikTok on all your screens with the same account!

I hope this guide got you watching viral TikTok videos on your TV in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!