How to Watch NowHere on Roku with Plex

Feeling drained of adventure lately? An inspirational documentary might be just what you need! NowHere follows professional snowboarder Gigi Rüf as he travels the world pursuing jaw-dropping lines and landscapes. Let’s look at how you can stream this motivating film using Plex on your Roku device.

What is NowHere?

Released in 2010, NowHere captures the highs and lows of Rüf’s endless search for perfect powder and unique terrain to ride. Tag along through remote icy peaks, lush green valleys, and hidden urban gems across the globe.

Director David Pinzer said the goal was to showcase “adventure in its raw form” by dropping Rüf into stunning natural settings with only a backpack and snowboard. No script, no elaborate production – just pure shredding and spontaneous fun with friends.

Viewers rave about the thrilling point-of-view footage and witty off-the-cuff commentary between runs. It’s easy to see why this influential snow porn flick earned Rüf TransWorld’s 2010 Movie of the Year award.

What is Plex?

Plex offers free access to over 50,000 titles across every genre imaginable. From Hollywood blockbusters to obscure festival darlings, their streaming library has something for all tastes.

Additionally, Plex produces high-quality original programs covering food, travel, science, music, and more. This includes an entire section devoted to real-life “Stories That Inspire.” Nowhere fits right into that uplifting lineup!

The service works on virtually any device with a screen and internet access. Many smart TV platforms come with Plex pre-installed. Otherwise, you can download the app for phones, tablets, computers, and of course – Roku streamers.

Plex essentially turns any gadget into your own personal home media server. Just create a free account to enable online streaming from their cloud library.

How to Set Up Plex on Roku

Ready to get your motivation flowing? First, make sure your Roku is connected to a steady WiFi network. Then follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, select Streaming Channels
  2. Choose Search Channels
  3. Type Plex into the search bar
  4. Select the Plex – Free Movies & TV app
  5. Click Add Channel to install
  6. Choose Go To Channel after setup completes
  7. Login using your Plex credentials or make a new account

With that, you now have full access to Plex’s entire streaming catalog. Time to find NowHere and press play!

More Must-See Adventure Docs

In the mood for more adrenaline-pumping excitement? Plex offers plenty more motivating films like NowHere. A few you might check out next:

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  • Abandoned: Pro skaters Rick McCrank, Leon Parsons, and Raymond Wrightsman explore creepy deserted spots like schools, fishing villages, and more.

So grab some popcorn, fire up Plex on your Roku, and let NowHere transport you to spectacular snow-covered peaks across the world! By the end, you’ll be inspired to seek out your next big adventure.