Your Guide to LiteBlue: The USPS Employee Portal at

Welcome new USPS employees! As you embark on your postal service career, you likely have questions about LiteBlue – the online portal made for USPS workers. This handy guide will explain what LiteBlue is, its key features, and how to log in or reset your password.

What is LiteBlue?

LiteBlue is an employee portal created by USPS to help manage its large workforce. With over 600,000 employees across the United States, LiteBlue provides an easy way for workers to:

  • Check work hours and leave balances
  • View pay statements
  • Manage health benefits
  • Access postal employee discounts
  • Get news from USPS leadership
  • Find job openings for USPS careers

In short, LiteBlue lets you handle HR needs online instead of through paperwork. It’s designed to improve communication between USPS as an employer and its staff.

Key Benefits of LiteBlue

  • Convenient access: View work info like hours, pay, leave from any device.
  • Easier record keeping: Automates tasks like tracking hours worked.
  • Better communication: Get news/updates fast from USPS management.
  • Postal perks: Browse deals and discounts for USPS employees.
  • Mobile friendly: Use the portal via iOS, Android devices.

How to Log In to LiteBlue

Logging into LiteBlue only takes a minute if you have the right credentials. Here’s how to access the portal:

  1. Go to the LiteBlue login page at
  2. Enter your 8-digit Employee ID number
  3. Input your USPS password
  4. Select Login

Once logged in, you’ll reach the LiteBlue portal to manage your postal employee account!

New Hire Tip: Your Employee ID number is on your pay stub. If you forgot your password, you can reset it through LiteBlue.

Reset Your LiteBlue Password

If you forget your password, LiteBlue offers password self-service for a quick reset.

  • On the login page, click “Forgot your password?” below the login box
  • Input your 8-digit Employee ID again
  • Verify your ID and follow steps to create a new password
  • Log in with your new credentials

Resetting your password through LiteBlue only takes a few minutes. But if you have trouble, call the LiteBlue help desk at 1-877-477-3273.

We hope this introductory guide gives you what you need to use LiteBlue to manage your USPS career! Let us know if you have any other questions.