How to Set up the Ford SyncMyRide at

So you just got a new Ford and want to connect it up? Nice! Their SyncMyRide system lets you link your car to your phone. Then you can use voice controls for music, maps, and more – all hands-free!

Let’s walk through how to get it all set up. This will just take a few quick steps.

First Things First: Make Your Ford Account

You’ll need an account at Ford’s website to connect things.

  • Enter your email address and hit Request Email.
  • Open the message Ford sends and click Verify Email.
  • Now make up a password and enter your name.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Hit Create Account.

And that’s it! Your Ford account is ready to roll.

Download Some Apps

Next up: apps! SyncMyRide works with tons of handy smartphone apps. You can see the full list in Ford’s App Catalog.

I recommend grabbing:

  • Your fave music and podcast apps
  • A maps/navigation app
  • The official FordPass app

Get those downloaded on your phone when you have a minute.

Pair Your Phone with Your Car

Now it’s time to connect your phone and new ride!

  • First, make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your phone.
  • Hop into your car and hit the Phone button on the dashboard screen.
  • Select Add Device or a similar option to pair a phone.

Then just follow the prompts:

  • Your car will give you a PIN number.
  • When you see that same PIN on your phone, confirm to pair them up.
  • It’ll connect in just a sec!

The steps vary slightly between SYNC versions, but that’s the basic gist.

And that’s it – now your phone and Ford are BFFs!

What Lets You Do

With SyncMyRide fully set up, you can:

  • Use voice commands to play music and navigate
  • Ask Alexa for help finding stuff on your drive
  • Remote start your car or check the status with the FordPass app
  • Connect up to 10 devices to your car’s WiFi hotspot
  • Make calls and listen to texts hands-free when connected

Pretty handy right?

I hope this guide made it simple to get your new Ford rolling with SyncMyRide. Just let me know if you have any other questions!