How to Activate Your New Sprint SIM or Device at

So you just got a shiny new phone or tablet from Sprint or T-Mobile? Congrats! But before you can start enjoying that sweet, sweet 5G, you’ll need to activate your device. Activation connects your device to the Sprint/T-Mobile network so you can start making calls, texting, and getting online.

This process is pretty easy, especially if you follow this simple guide. We’ll walk you through all the steps, whether you’re activating an eSIM, replacing an old phone, or just setting up a new one. Let’s dive in!

Do These 3 Things Before Starting Activation at

Before jumping into the activation process, make sure you:

  • Have a Sprint/T-Mobile account set up. If not, sign up for a new account here.
  • Know your device’s IMEI or MEID number. You can find this on the box or by dialing *#06# on your phone.
  • Have your Sprint/T-Mobile account username and password handy.

If your device is not originally from Sprint/T-Mobile, you’ll also want to check it’s compatible with their network using the IMEI/MEID.

3 Easy Ways to Activate Your Sprint/T-Mobile Device

Ready to get started? Head to the Sprint activation page at and choose the option matching your situation:

If You’re Finishing an Existing Activation

If you already started the “Bring Your Own Device” process online or at a store, click Finish Activation and enter:

  • Your order confirmation number
  • The ZIP code where you’re activating

Then just follow the prompts!

If You Recently Upgraded Your Phone

If you got a shiny new device from Sprint/T-Mobile:

Click Activate Now and sign into your account using your:

  • Username
  • Password

Setting Up a Brand New Phone or SIM Card

Don’t have an existing order or upgrade in progress? No worries!

  • Click Get Started to begin the activation process
  • Enter your device’s IMEI/MEID when asked
  • Create or sign into your Sprint account
  • Follow the steps to activate your phone or SIM

And that’s it! Just follow any remaining prompts and your device will be activated in no time.

Key Things to Know Before Activating

Here are some handy tips and reminders for a smooth activation process:

  • Make sure your new device has enough battery life to get through setup
  • Have your SIM card ICCID handy (if activating a new SIM)
  • Find your phone and SIM serial numbers on the box and receipts
  • Back up data from an old device before setting up the new phone
  • Contact Sprint support if you have any issues during activation

The goal is to get your phone up and running ASAP. Just stay calm, have all your details ready to enter, and activation will be a breeze. Enjoy that new phone!