Activate Sling TV on your Streaming Device at

Hey friends! I’m excited to walk you through the easy process of activating Sling TV across all your devices. Sling TV is one of the most popular live streaming services out there, with tons of great entertainment and news channels.

An Overview of Sling TV

Before we dive into the activation steps, here’s a quick rundown of Sling TV:

  • Live TV streaming service with sports, news, entertainment, and more
  • Access via apps on smart TVs, media players, mobile, and more
  • Plans start at $20/month – very affordable!
  • No contracts, cancel anytime

Sling TV offers several base packages to choose from:

  • Sling Orange – 30+ channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney
  • Sling Blue – 40+ channels like Fox, NBC, NFL Network
  • Sling Orange + Blue – Combine them both!

You can also add on premium extras like HBO, Sports Extras, Comedy Extras, and more to customize your lineup.

Ready to get Sling TV rolling on all your gadgets? Let’s do this!

Activating Sling TV – Step-by-Step

Activating Sling TV is a breeze once you have an account set up. Here’s what to do: On Amazon Fire TV

  1. Go to the Fire TV home screen
  2. Open the Find section
  3. Search for “Sling” app
  4. Select “Get” to install Sling app
  5. Launch the Sling app after install
  6. Choose “Sign In”
  7. Note the 5-digit activation code on screen
  8. Visit on phone/computer
  9. Enter code and select “Continue”
  10. Sign in with your Sling TV account info
  11. Start watching! On Apple TV

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV
  2. Search for “Sling” app
  3. Select “Get” to download the app
  4. Tap “Open” to launch it after installing
  5. Choose “Sign In”
  6. Write down activation code shown on screen
  7. Go to on a web browser
  8. Input code and press “Continue”
  9. Sign in with Sling account details
  10. Enjoy access to Sling TV! On Roku

To activate on your Roku player:

  1. Go to Roku home screen
  2. Open “Streaming Channels”
  3. Select “Search”
  4. Search for “Sling” app
  5. Choose app and select “Add Channel”
  6. Open the Sling app after it installs
  7. Select “Sign In”
  8. Note down the 5-digit code displayed
  9. Visit site
  10. Enter code and tap “Continue”
  11. Sign into your Sling account
  12. Start streaming live TV! On Android TV

Just follow these simple steps to activate on Android TV:

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for “Sling” app
  3. Select app and tap “Install”
  4. Press “Open” after it downloads
  5. Choose “Sign In” inside the app
  6. Write down code shown on screen
  7. Go to
  8. Input code and select “Continue”
  9. Enter your Sling login info
  10. Enjoy live TV on your Android TV!

And that’s it! Just grab that activation code from your TV and input it at to link your devices.

Common Sling TV Questions

Here are quick answers to some frequently asked questions about Sling TV activation:

  • Is the code case-sensitive? Nope! But it does expire quickly.
  • How long is the code valid for? Usually 10-15 minutes.
  • How long does activation take? Just seconds after entering code.
  • Can I change my Sling subscription? Yes! Sign in at anytime.

I hope this guide gave you everything you need to swiftly activate Sling TV across all your gadgets! Drop any questions below – I’m happy to help get you streaming. 📺