Seeing in the Dark: How to Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

exploring those dark caves or fighting off monsters at night is no fun if you can’t see what’s going on. Luckily, Minecraft offers a potion to give you perfect night vision. Making a Potion of Night Vision allows you to adventure even in the darkest corners of the game.

In this beginner-friendly guide, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make these handy potions in the latest version of Minecraft. Along the way, I’ve included tips, tricks, and useful information to set you up for night vision success!

An Overview of the Potion of Night Vision

The Potion of Night Vision gives you heightened sight in dark areas and at night in Minecraft. It makes the world appear as if it is in broad daylight!

“This potion lights up even the darkest caves! I can see all the details and not miss any enemies or treasures.”

Some key facts about these potions:

  • Works underwater and in other dark areas like caves or Nether Fortresses
  • Allows you to see mobs from farther away
  • Lasts 3 minutes normally and 8 minutes for an upgraded “long” version
  • Only usable by players currently – mobs can’t get these effects

Now let’s get right to brewing up these super handy vision potions for yourself.

What You’ll Need to Make a Night Vision Brew

The ingredients required are:

  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder
  • Awkward Potion (base potion)
  • Golden Carrot

I’ll explain how to obtain each one and craft them below.

Setting Up a Brewing Stand

You’ll need a Brewing Stand which serves as your “potion brewery” in Minecraft.

Item How to Get
Brewing Stand Crafted from Cobblestone and Blaze Rods

Follow my complete brewing stand crafting guide for step-by-step instructions.

Finding Blaze Powder

Blaze Powder is used to fuel your brewing stand. You’ll have to brave the Nether to collect it.

To get Blaze Powder:

  1. Build a Nether Portal
  2. Journey into the Nether dimension
  3. Locate a Nether Fortress
  4. Defeat Blazes that spawn there
  5. Collect Blaze Rods that they drop
  6. Craft Blaze Powder from the rods

This powder also drops from certain chests in Nether Fortresses, so be sure to loot any you find!

Getting an Awkward Potion

An Awkward Potion acts as the base for almost all potion brewing recipes in the game.

To make it:

  • Fill water bottles by right-clicking a water source with Glass Bottles
  • Add Nether Warts to the brewing stand with Water Bottles
  • The Water Bottles turn into Awkward Potions after brewing

And that’s all there is to it! Having Awkward Potions on hand saves a lot of effort.

Crafting the Golden Carrot

Golden Carrots are the special ingredient that grants night vision. Get your hands on some through:

  • Looting chests in Nether Fortresses or Bastions
  • Trading with piglin brutes
  • Crafting recipe:
    • Carrot + Gold Nugget = Golden Carrot

With all the ingredients ready, we can finally make this awesome potion!

Brewing Up Potions of Night Vision

Follow these steps to make Potions of Night Vision:

  1. Add Blaze Powder to the left slot to fuel the Brewing Stand
  2. Place 1-3 Awkward Potions in the base slots
  3. Put a Golden Carrot in the main slot
  4. Wait for the potions to brew, turning green when finished

And voila! You now have regular Potions of Night Vision lasting 3 minutes each.

Pro Tip: Use one golden carrot to brew up to 3 potions at once to conserve resources.

Making Splash Potions (Throwable)

You can create Splash Potions that give night vision in an area by throwing them. Useful for adventure parties!

  • Brew regular Potions of Night vision first
  • Add Gunpowder to brew Splash Potions

The longer they brew, the bigger the splash effect radius becomes.

Using Potions of Night Vision

Drink (or throw) these potions whenever you’re exploring dark areas. Their effects let you see as clear as day!

You’ll get:

  • 3 minutes of night vision (regular potion)
  • 8 minutes with an upgraded long version

So brew a batch before cave diving or nighttime quests. Now darkness holds no secrets from you!

I hope this guide has demystified brewing up these super useful Potions of Night Vision for your Minecraft adventures. Let me know if you have any other brewing questions in the comments!