How to Link Rumble TV on Roku at

Watching viral videos on your TV just got easier! With a few quick steps, you can start streaming content from Rumble on your Roku device. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Overview of

For those unfamiliar, Rumble is an online video platform focused on viral videos and exclusive content you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Founded in 2013 in Toronto
  • Home to over 250,000 video titles
  • Saw rapid growth to 31.9 million monthly users as of early 2021

Rumble has positioned itself as an alternative to YouTube, offering a platform free of censorship and “Big Tech” control. Their content is managed in-house rather than relying solely on algorithms.

Now by adding the Rumble channel on your Roku, you can watch all this viral content directly on your TV!

What You’ll Need

Before we get started with the steps, here’s what you need to activate Rumble:

  • A Roku streaming device
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Rumble app installed on your Roku (we’ll cover this)
  • Separate device like a phone, computer, etc.

As long as you have those four things, you’re ready activate Rumble on Roku!

Step-by-Step Guide to Activate Rumble Channel

Activating Rumble on your Roku only takes a few minutes. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on your Roku and connect it to your WiFi
  2. From the Home screen, go to Streaming Channels > Search Channels
  3. Search for Rumble
  4. Select the Rumble app > Click Add Channel > Confirm by selecting OK
  5. Return to Home screen and launch the Rumble app
  6. Note down the Activation Code shown on your TV screen
  7. On a separate device, visit
  8. Enter the activation code and click Activate
  9. Wait for your Roku screen to refresh

That’s it! The Rumble channel is now ready to use on your Roku. Enjoy exploring their library of exclusive viral videos!

Troubleshooting Tips

Having issues getting Rumble activated? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Regenerate a New Code – Simply repeat the activation process to get a fresh activation code. Enter this new code on to see if that works.
  • Use Compatible Browser – Try using Chrome or Firefox on the device you visit Delete cookies/cache if needed.
  • Update Roku Software – Ensure your Roku has the latest software updates installed before activating Rumble.

With those fixes, Rumble should activate without any other issues!

Now Enjoy Rumble Viral Videos on Your TV

After completing those steps, you can now start streaming Rumble content directly through your Roku device.

The Rumble channel makes their library of 250,000+ viral videos easily accessible right from your living room. It offers a viewing experience free of overt censorship and “Big Tech” control.

So get ready to binge exclusive viral content and video channels you won’t find anywhere else!

What about you? Are you excited to start watching Rumble videos on your Roku? Let me know in the comments!