How to Activate ROW8 at

Do you love watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters? If so, you’ll want to check out ROW8. This awesome streaming service lets you watch brand new movies straight from theaters for just a few bucks. No subscriptions required!

In this handy guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know to:

  • Create a ROW8 account
  • Activate ROW8 on your devices
  • Start watching all the newest films

Ready to turn your TV into a movie theater? Then let’s get started!

Creating Your Account

Before you can dive into ROW8’s catalog of films, you’ll need to set up a free account. Here’s how:

  1. Open your preferred web browser on your computer
  2. Go to
  3. Click “Sign Up/In” in the top right
  4. Enter your email, password, and ZIP code
  5. Agree to the Terms of Use
  6. Click “Create Account

And that’s it! Setting up an account takes just a minute.

Tip: ROW8 offers special discounts for new members, so be sure to take advantage!

Now let’s look at how to get ROW8 running on your devices.

Activating on Roku, Vizio, Apple TV, and More

One of the best parts about ROW8 is that it works on tons of devices. Let’s go through how to get it set up on some of the most popular ones:


  1. Open the Roku Channel Store
  2. Search for “ROW8
  3. Select “Add Channel
  4. Launch the ROW8 channel
  5. When the activation code appears, head to on your computer
  6. Sign into your account and enter the code

Vizio Smart TVs

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV
  2. Open the app store and find “ROW8
  3. Install the ROW8 app
  4. Enter your sign-in when prompted
  5. Note down the activation code on your TV
  6. Go to on your phone
  7. Connect your account and enter the code

Once connected, ROW8 will refresh and you can start watching movies!

Forgot Your ROW8 Password? Here’s How to Reset It

If you can’t remember your ROW8 password, resetting it is a breeze:

  1. Go to the ROW8 sign-in page
  2. Click “Forgot Password?
  3. Enter your account email address
  4. Follow the password reset instructions in your email

And that’s all there is to it!

I hope this guide gave you everything you need to start streaming the newest films with ROW8. Now grab some snacks and enjoy the show! Let me know if you have any other questions.