Your Guide to Logging into Publix Passport at

Welcome to your guide on accessing your Publix Passport account! We’ll walk through everything you need to know in an easy, step-by-step way.

What is Publix Passport?

Publix Passport is an online portal created by the grocery store chain for its employees. Some also refer to it as “Publix Oasis.”

It allows employees to:

  • View pay stubs and direct deposit info
  • Access work schedules
  • Verify health insurance coverage
  • Complete training and education
  • File taxes and access W2s

The portal creates a secure space where Publix team members can access personal job information.

Why Use Your Publix Passport?

Logging into your Passport gives you:

  • SalaryStub Access: View your compensation details.
  • Schedule Visibility: See your upcoming shifts.
  • Benefits Checking: Confirm health plans and deductions.
  • Tax Prep: Submit forms, get W2s.

And more! It puts workplace tools and resources at your fingertips.

Ready to Log In? Here’s How:

What You Need:

  • The Passport site URL.
  • Your Login: The username/password combo for your account.
  • A Device: Computer, phone, tablet with internet.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Publix Passport site at
  2. Enter your unique username and password.
  3. Click Login to enter your account!

And you’re in! Pretty simple.

Trouble Logging In?

If you hit any snags accessing your account, start by resetting your password.

Here’s how:

  1. At, click “Lost Password?”
  2. Input your username to trigger a reset.
  3. Answer security questions to verify identity.
  4. Create and confirm a new password.
  5. Log in with your new credentials!

Resetting can help resolve common login issues.

We’re Here To Help

We know new systems can take getting used to. Not to worry – Publix offers great employee support options, including:

  • 24/7 Phone Support: Call the helpline at 1-800-XXX-XXXX.
  • HR Department: Reach out weekdays 8am-4pm EST at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
  • Online Resources: Check for how-to guides.

The Publix team is ready to help you access your account and answer any questions!

We hope this beginner’s guide serves as a helpful starting point for easily logging into your Passport. Let us know if you have any other questions!