Stream PBS Kids Anywhere with Easy Device Activation at

Want to let your kids watch Daniel Tiger or Curious George on the go? By activating the PBS Kids app on your phone, tablet, or streaming device, you can access educational videos, games, and more with just an internet connection.

Let me show you how simple it is. Just follow these steps for whichever device you own:

Activate the App on Your Apple Device at

Kids learning on iPhone? iPad? Apple TV? I’ve got you covered.

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Download the PBS Kids app
  3. Open the app and copy the activation code
  4. Visit on your computer or mobile browser
  5. Enter the code and click Continue
  6. Follow the prompts to complete activation

Now your child can watch beloved characters like Daniel Tiger while on the go!

Enable Streaming on Your Android TV

Want to entertain and educate on a bigger screen? Use an Android TV device like the Nvidia Shield TV.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store
  2. Search for PBS Kids
  3. Click Install
  4. Launch the app on your TV and copy the activation code
  5. Go to on a phone, tablet or computer
  6. Enter the code and click Continue
  7. Complete activation

With the app enabled on Android TVs, you can let imagination and learning thrive on the big screen!

Activate a Roku Device for PBS streaming

Got a household full of Roku fans? Add PBS Kids in just a few quick steps:

  1. Find PBS Kids in the Roku Channel Store
  2. Install the channel
  3. Launch the app to display the activation code
  4. Visit on another device
  5. Type in the code and click Continue
  6. Complete prompts to activate

Now your Roku becomes an on-demand PBS Kids streaming machine!

More Device Options

The process works much the same way for Fire TV sticks and other gadgets too. The key steps are:

  • Install the PBS Kids app
  • Copy the activation code
  • Visit to enter the code
  • Complete prompts

Then let your kids immerse themselves in all the great shows PBS offers!

Create an Account for Extra Features

You can watch videos without an account, but signing up unlocks bonuses like:

  • Viewing history tracking
  • Parental controls
  • Downloading for offline access
  • Special games and activities

It only takes a minute:

  1. Go to or open the app
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter email and password
  4. Confirm password
  5. Add child’s name and birthdate (optional)
  6. Click Create Account

And that’s it! Log in on any device to sync preferences and access member-only content.

Now you can let the kids watch PBS Kids anywhere while keeping tabs on what they view.

Get Streaming Today!

With these simple steps for activation and account creation, PBS Kids offers educational entertainment on the go.

The ad-free videos spark curiosity and imagination in young minds. And you get peace of mind knowing your child is watching quality content approved by learning experts.

So visit to get started on any device. Let the binge-watching begin!