How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV

The NFL season is heating up! But if you don’t have DirecTV, you may be wondering if there’s any way to get NFL Sunday Ticket and watch those out-of-market games.

Well, I have good news! There are alternative options allowing you to stream Sunday Ticket without a DirecTV satellite subscription. Keep reading and I’ll explain the ins and outs so you don’t miss a minute of NFL action.

First Things First – Check Your Eligibility

Before signing up for Sunday Ticket access online, you need to check if you’re eligible. DirecTV has an exclusivity deal in the US, but there are exceptions!

You can qualify for online Sunday Ticket if:

  • DirecTV satellite service is not available where you live
  • You live in an apartment, condo, or location where you can’t install a satellite

Visit DirecTV’s website and enter your address to confirm eligibility.

If you get the green light, great! Now let’s look at your streaming options.

Choose Between Two Online Sunday Ticket Packages

There are two main packages for getting NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV:

  • NFLST.TV Max – $395.99/year
    • Includes ALL out-of-market Sunday games
    • Features Red Zone and Fantasy Zone channels
    • Lets you stream on one device at a time
  • NFLST.TV To Go – $293.96/year
    • Out-of-market Sunday games only
    • Can pay in four monthly installments ($73.49/month) if preferred
    • Also limited to one stream at once

Both allow you to cancel at any time if you change your mind later.

Once signed up, you can download the NFL Sunday Ticket app and start watching on supported devices like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more.

Pro Tip: If paying nearly $300-400 upfront seems steep, keep reading for a special student deal!

College Students Can Get Sunday Ticket for $99/Year!

Current university or college students can grab Sunday Ticket U for just $99.99 annually! This gets you all the same out-of-market Sunday games to enjoy on one device.

Scoring this amazing price is easy:

  1. Visit the Sunday Ticket U signup page
  2. Enter your school and other info to confirm student status
  3. Provide payment details to complete registration
  4. Download the app and start streaming NFL games!

With no satellite or long-term contract required, Sunday Ticket U is a touchdown for any student football fans out there.

Pro Tip: You can use a valid .edu email address instead of entering your school’s info. Either method works to verify eligibility.

Get Your Game On!

Hopefully now you’ve got all the inside info on scoring NFL Sunday Ticket without paying for a full DirecTV subscription.

It’s super affordable, easy to set up, and lets you catch all that amazing NFL action every week. Just check eligibility, pick a package that suits your needs, then get ready to cheer on your favorite team!

Any other questions on online Sunday Ticket access or student deals? Let me know in the comments!