Activate Your New Nectar Card Online at

So you just got a new Nectar card in the mail – congratulations! As the largest loyalty program in the UK, Nectar can earn you points towards free groceries, flights, and more. But before you can start racking up those sweet rewards, you need to activate your card.

Activating your card is a breeze. Just follow this simple walkthrough and you’ll be good to go in minutes.

Step 1: Head to the Nectar Website

First things first – point your browser over to This is where the magic happens.

Step 2: Confirm You Already Have a Card

On the activation page, select “I already have a Nectar card” and hit Continue. This tells Nectar you’re ready to activate an existing card rather than applying for a new one.

Step 3: Enter Your Card Number

Next, you’ll need to enter your new card’s number. This is the last 11 digits printed on the card, after the numbers “98263000”. For example:

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Full card number: 98263000 12345 67890
Enter digits: 12345 67890

Type those final 11 digits into the card number field and click Continue.

If you’re having trouble locating your card number, click Need help with your card number? for some tips.

Step 4: Follow the Activation Steps

The Nectar site will now guide you through the final activation steps. Just enter your personal details as prompted and you’ll be ready to start earning rewards!

Really, activating your card is as simple as that. If you run into any trouble though, check out the FAQ section below.

How to Get a Nectar Card

Don’t have a Nectar card yet? Here’s the quick rundown on signing up:

  • Online – Register at and a card will arrive in 10-14 days
  • In-Store – Pick up a form at Sainsbury’s and drop it off when complete
  • Mobile App – Download the Nectar app and order a card straight from your phone

I’d recommend the online method since it’s fastest. Just be sure to activate your new card as soon as it comes using the steps above!


Got questions about activating your Nectar card? Here are some common ones:

How can I log into my Nectar account?

Go to and enter your email and password.

What if I lost my physical Nectar card?

No problem! You can retrieve your card number by going to the Nectar card retrieval page.

When can I start earning Nectar points?

As soon as you activate your new card, you’re ready to start racking up points!

And there you have it – everything you need to know about activating your new Nectar card. Now go enjoy those sweet, sweet rewards!