Whirlpool Employee Portal Login – My.whirlpool.com – 2024

Hey there! If you work at Whirlpool, you likely need to access the Whirlpool employee portal (also called My.Whirlpool.com) to manage employment info, timecards, benefits, and more. This portal is a handy resource for employees, but logging in can be tricky if you’ve forgotten your password.

In this quick guide, we’ll cover:

  • How to log into your Whirlpool employee portal
  • Resetting your Whirlpool portal password
  • Key benefits the portal provides
  • Whirlpool company background

Let’s get started!

Logging Into Your Whirlpool Employee Account

Logging into your personal Whirlpool employee portal is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Whirlpool employee portal website: My.Whirlpool.com
  2. Enter your Whirlpool username and password
  3. Click Sign In

And you’re in! From your dashboard, you can access payroll details, request PTO, update your personal info, and more.

Good to Know: You’ll need to log in each time with your unique credentials. This keeps your info safe and secure!

Resetting Your Whirlpool Login Password

Uh oh, you can’t recall your Whirlpool portal password? Don’t sweat it. Resetting is simple:

  1. Navigate to My.Whirlpool.com
  2. Click “Forgot your password?”
  3. Input your Whirlpool username
  4. Select “Forgot Password”
  5. Follow the reset instructions

You’ll then be able to enter a shiny new password and regain access immediately.

Key Benefits of the Whirlpool Employee Portal

As a Whirlpool employee, what can you actually access and do at My.Whirlpool.com? Here are some of the top portal features:

  • Request time off: Submit PTO or leave requests online
  • Access pay stubs: Review your pay history and W2s
  • Update info: Change your address, contact details, etc
  • Performance reviews: View your reviews and progress reports
  • Internal job board: Apply for open roles at Whirlpool globally
  • 401k & benefits: Manage your retirement savings, health plans, and other offerings

So in short – the portal makes managing your Whirlpool job way more convenient!

About The Whirlpool Corporation

For context, here’s some background on the Whirlpool company itself:

  • Founded in 1911 in Michigan, USA by Louis + Emory Upton
  • Manufactures kitchen, laundry, and home appliances
  • Owns brands like Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana
  • Employs ~91,000 people globally
  • Brings in $20B+ in revenue annually

Whirlpool is committed to making appliances you can rely on while also creating a positive employee experience. The My.Whirlpool portal helps enable this by giving you greater access and agency over your own employment.

Get Help Accessing the Portal

Stuck logging in or navigating My.Whirlpool.com? Reach out to the employee helpdesk:

Phone: 1-888-947-9993
Email: [email protected]

The team can fix login issues, recover passwords, answer portal questions, and more!

I hope this overview gets you logged into your Whirlpool employee account and using the portal effectively. It’s your go-to resource for managing your Whirlpool employment and making the most of your job perks and opportunities.