Wave Loves Login at My.waveapps.com – 2024

Welcome, Wave employees! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about accessing the Wave Employee Portal.

Whether you want to view your pay info, request time off, or update your personal details, this portal should be your go-to resource.

A Quick Intro to Wave

Before we dive in, let me give you a quick overview of Wave for anyone unfamiliar.

Wave offers various software and services for small businesses, including:

  • Online accounting
  • Payroll
  • Payment processing
  • Receipt scanning
  • Financial analysis

The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Why Use the Employee Portal?

Logging into Wave’s employee portal gives you access to your own private workspace anytime, from any device.

Here are just some of the tasks you can complete:

  • View and manage personal information
  • Request raises or transfers
  • Check your attendance, performance metrics, etc.
  • See company news and announcements
  • Access the employee blog

So in short – it lets you manage your employment and stay up to date, at your convenience!

Logging In Step-By-Step

To access the portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the login page at https://my.waveapps.com.
  2. Enter your work email address and password.
  3. Click “Sign In”.

And that’s it – you’re in!

“It only takes me about 30 seconds to log into my account before I can access everything.”

Resetting Your Password

If you ever forget your password, don’t worry! Here is the process to reset it:

  1. Visit https://my.waveapps.com/login/.
  2. Click “Forgot It!” under the password field.
  3. Enter your work email address and click “Send Reset Instructions.”
  4. Follow the emailed instructions to create a new password.

You should be able to login with your new password immediately. Just contact the Wave Help Desk if you encounter any issues.

Helpful Resources

Hopefully this guide gave you everything you need to easily access the Wave employee portal! Check out these additional Wave resources:

Wave Support: www.waveapps.com/help

Wave Help Center: https://support.waveapps.com/

Feel free to reach out with any other questions!