MNSU D2L Brightspace Login at

Welcome to MNSU! As a new student here, you’ll be using D2L Brightspace to access online class materials, turn in assignments, communicate with professors, and more. This beginner’s guide aims to help you quickly get started with the platform.

Logging into D2L at

You can access D2L in your web browser at

To sign in, you’ll enter your StarID credentials. If you’re new to MNSU, here’s how to find your StarID:

  • Navigate to the¬†StarID Self Service site.
  • Click “Manage My StarID” and follow the steps to activate your account.
  • Make note of your StarID username and default password.

Once you have your StarID info, log into D2L to access your online classes!

ūüí° Tip: You can use your StarID to sign in to many MNSU services, like campus WiFi, computer labs, library databases, and more.

Resetting Your D2L Password

If you forget your D2L password, simply use the “Forgot Password” link on the D2L login page. You’ll answer some security questions to reset your password and regain access immediately.

Alternatively, you can reset your primary StarID password by:

  1. Visiting the StarID Self Service site.
  2. Clicking “Manage My StarID” and selecting “Reset/Unlock My Password.”
  3. Following the instructions to create a new password.

Your new StarID password will sync over to D2L in a short time.

Key Features of D2L Brightspace

As an MNSU student, here are some key things you can do in D2L Brightspace:

  • View Course Content:¬†Access lecture notes, syllabi, slides, videos, and readings posted by your professors.
  • Submit Assignments:¬†Turn in assignments like essays, reports, and projects right on the D2L platform.
  • Check Grades:¬†See your grades and instructor feedback as your professors make updates.
  • Message Instructors:¬†Email your professors or teaching assistants (TAs) with any course-related questions.
  • Engage in Discussions:¬†Have text-based discussions with classmates in a given course.
  • Take Quizzes and Tests:¬†Complete online assessments that your professors have created.

The platform is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices too, so you can participate anytime, anywhere!

ūüďį “As an online learner, D2L has all the tools I need to keep up with classes, organize my assignments, and directly contact professors.” – MNSU Student

Getting Help with D2L

Of course, you may have questions or issues come up as you use D2L Brightspace. Here are the top resources to get help:

  • D2L Guides and Resources:¬†Check out MNSU’s extensive¬†D2L guides¬†for students and instructors. Tutorials answer most questions!
  • IT Help Desk:¬†Contact MNSU tech support anytime at¬†1-507-389-6654¬†or¬†[email protected]. They can troubleshoot issues directly.
  • Instructor’s Office Hours:¬†Don’t hesitate to email your professor or visit them during virtual or in-person office hours. They can assist with course-specific D2L issues.

So there you have it – everything you need to begin with D2L Brightspace for your online classes at MNSU! We wish you an engaging and productive learning experience. Go Mavericks!