Activate IDGO on Smart TV at

Want to watch your favorite Investigation Discovery shows on your smart TV? By activating the IDGO app, you can access over 8,000 hours of true crime documentaries and dramas on demand.

What You’ll Need Before Getting Started:

  • An active cable or streaming subscription that includes Investigation Discovery. IDGO is only available in the US.
  • A smart TV or streaming device like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. It must be connected to the internet via WiFi.
  • The IDGO app downloaded from your device’s app store.

Ready to get watching? Here’s a walkthrough for popular platforms:

Activating IDGO on Roku

Activating IDGO on your Roku player only takes a few minutes:

  1. Press the Home button and select the Streaming Channels tile.
  2. Search for and select the IDGO channel. Click Add Channel.
  3. Launch IDGO and select Sign In. An activation code will appear.
  4. On your phone or computer, go to and enter the code.
  5. Select your TV provider and sign in to link your subscription.

You’re all set! Select a title and start watching your favorite ID shows.

Activating IDGO on Fire TV

Follow these quick steps to get IDGO working on your FireStick or Fire TV:

  1. Open the Fire TV App Store and search for Investigation Discovery GO.
  2. Download and install the IDGO app.
  3. Launch IDGO, select Sign In, and note down the on-screen activation code.
  4. Visit on your phone or computer.
  5. Enter the code and sign in through your TV provider to link accounts.

Now IDGO is ready to stream! Browse exclusive shows and full episodes on your Fire TV.

Activating IDGO on Apple TV

Apple users can also enjoy IDGO by:

  1. Finding IDGO in the App Store and selecting Get. Install it.
  2. Opening the app and going to Sign In to view the activation code.
  3. Visiting and entering the code.
  4. Choosing your TV provider and signing in to link your subscription.

You’re all set to watch IDGO on your Apple TV!

See the table below for steps on other devices like Android TV and Xbox:

Device Steps
Android TV 1. Get IDGO from the Play Store <br> 2. Launch and select Sign In <br> 3. Visit to enter code <br> 4. Link TV provider account
Xbox One 1. Search for IDGO in Store <br> 2. Install and open the app <br> 3. Note down activation code <br> 4. Go to to enter code <br> 5. Sign into your TV provider

That covers the most popular platforms for streaming IDGO. The key things to remember are:

  • You need an eligible cable or streaming plan. IDGO only works in the US.
  • Have your activation code ready from the IDGO app before visiting the website to link your provider account.
  • If your code doesn’t work, just request a new one and try again.

Now just pick your favorite true crime doc or Investigation Discovery drama and start streaming! Enjoy.