Activate Your Indigo Credit Card at

Have you recently been approved for the Indigo Mastercard? If so, congratulations! 🎉 Activating your new card is an important next step so that you can start using it. This quick guide will walk you through exactly how to activate your Indigo card online, over the phone, or through the mobile app.

What is

The Indigo Mastercard is a credit card from Celtic Bank aimed at helping people with poor credit build their scores. It offers cardholders the chance to establish credit history while unlocking standard card benefits like:

  • Online account access
  • Reporting to all three credit bureaus
  • Fraud protection
  • Zero liability
  • Chip card technology for security

It also comes with a customizable card design at no extra cost! Pretty cool.

Approval is based on demonstrating creditworthiness during the pre-qualification process. This has no impact on your credit score.

Why You Need to Activate Your Card

Activating the card is crucial for:

  • Accessing the full rewards program
  • Making purchases online or at tap-enabled terminals
  • Enabling text/email alerts and payment reminders
  • Setting up autopay to build credit responsibly

Until your card is activated, none of those useful features will be available, and your card won’t work for payments.

Follow the simple steps below to activate your account. Card Online

Activating online at takes just a few minutes:

  1. Go to the Indigo card activation site
  2. Select Register Your Account
  3. Enter your new card number
  4. Input personal details like DOB and SSN
  5. Create account login credentials
  6. Complete identity verification
  7. Finish card activation!

Tip: Jot down the username & password you create for easy account access later.

Activate via Phone

You can also activate by calling the number printed on the sticker on your Indigo card:

  • Provide your card details like account number and expiry date
  • Verify personal information for security purposes
  • Follow the automated prompts to activate

The whole phone activation process takes roughly 5-10 minutes.

Activate through Mobile App

Don’t want to hop on a computer or make a call? Download the Indigo Card app to activate in just a few taps:

  1. Download app & sign-in
  2. Go to Activate Card section
  3. Enter your new card number
  4. Provide other details like name and DOB
  5. Complete prompts to activate

That’s it! Your shiny new Indigo card will be ready to use almost instantly.

Key Takeaway: No matter which method you choose, take 2 minutes now to activate your card so you can start building credit with your Indigo Mastercard!