Activate your Indigo Credit Card at

I’m excited for you that your new Indigo card arrived in the mail! Activating it is a breeze. Just follow this quick guide and you’ll be ready to start building your credit in no time.

What even is this Indigo card thing?

The Indigo Mastercard helps people with not-so-stellar credit get approval for a card that can help build their scores. It’s issued by Celtic Bank to help you establish credit history.

The card gives you a real Mastercard number, so you can use it just like any other card online, in apps, and in stores. As you use it responsibly by paying on time and keeping your balance low, it reports to all three credit bureaus. Over time, this can help boost your credit score. Cha-ching!

Pretty neat, right? If you think so too, visit and click Pre-Qualify Now to get the ball rolling. It’s a soft credit check so no worries about dings to your score. Card Online

You’ve got options when it comes time to activate your physical Indigo card:


Easy peasy! Your card will be ready to use online and in stores after just a few minutes.

By phone

Don’t want to mess with websites? No problem! Call the activation number printed on the sticker on your card. I think they play hold music these days, so bonus. 😉

A customer service rep will walk you through activation over the phone. Have your card handy to provide the number and other details.

Mobile app

If tapping on your phone is more your speed, download the Indigo Card app from your device’s app store. Log into your account in the app and navigate to the Activate section to get ‘er done.

However you decide to activate, it only takes a few minutes. If you have any trouble though, Indigo’s customer service team is super helpful.

Once your card is live, go treat yourself to a sweet coffee or some tacos! You’ve earned it. Just don’t forget that to keep building your credit history, you’ll want to use your new card responsibly by paying balances on time each month.

For real-time access to check balances, make payments, and more, log into your account anytime at

Let me know if any other questions come up! I’m happy to help walk you through anything else related to your new Indigo card. Just holler 🙂