Activate iHeartRadio on Smart Devices at

iHeartRadio gives you access to thousands of radio stations, podcasts, and on-demand music. This guide will walk you through how to activate the iHeartRadio app across popular platforms so you can start listening on all your devices.

An Overview of iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a free digital music service featuring:

  • Over 250,000 podcasts
  • Live and custom radio stations
  • Music recommendation features
  • On-demand listening

It is available on over 250 platforms including:

  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Smart speakers and home devices
  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Cars

To access iHeartRadio on many devices, you need to activate the app by linking it to your iHeartRadio account.

How to Sign Up for an iHeartRadio Account at

If you don’t already have an iHeartRadio account, sign up by:

  1. Going to the iHeartRadio sign-up page.
  2. Click Sign up below the Log In to Activate Device section.
  3. Enter your:
    • Email
    • Password
    • Zip code
    • Birth year
    • Gender
  4. Click Sign-Up to complete.

You can now use these login details whenever you need to activate iHeartRadio on new devices.

Activating iHeartRadio Across Popular Platforms

Below are step-by-step instructions for activating iHeartRadio across some of the most popular streaming platforms and devices. on Roku

  1. Connect your Roku device to the internet.
  2. Open the Roku Channel Store.
  3. Go to Music & Podcasts and select the iHeartRadio channel.
    • Alternatively search for “iHeartRadio” using the Channel Store search bar.
  4. Click +Add Channel to install it.
  5. Launch the iHeartRadio channel after it finishes installing.
  6. Note down the activation code shown on your TV screen.
  7. Visit on another device.
  8. Log into your iHeartRadio account.
  9. Enter the activation code.

iHeartRadio is now ready to use on your Roku! on Fire TV

  1. Open the App Store on your Fire TV device.
  2. Use the search bar to locate the iHeartRadio app.
  3. Select iHeartRadio and click Get to install it.
  4. Launch the app after it installs.
  5. Write down the activation code shown on screen.
  6. Navigate to on your phone, tablet or computer.
  7. Login to your iHeartRadio account.
  8. Input the activation code from step 5.
  9. Start using iHeartRadio on your Fire TV! on Android TV

  1. Go to the Play Store on your Android TV device.
  2. Search for “iHeartRadio” using the Play Store search function.
  3. Select Install to download the app.
  4. Click Open after the install finishes.
  5. Note down the activation code displayed on your TV screen.
  6. Visit from your phone or computer browser.
  7. Login to your iHeartRadio account
    • Or signup for a free account if you don’t have one.
  8. Enter the activation code.
  9. Complete any final prompts to finish activation.
  10. Start streaming iHeartRadio on your Android TV!

Follow the same general process for other TV platforms like Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation and Xbox by:

  1. Downloading the iHeartRadio app from the platform’s store
  2. Writing down the activation code from the TV
  3. Entering it at along with your account login details

Activate on Your Phone or Tablet

Downloading iHeartRadio on your phone or tablet is quick and easy:

For iPhone/iPad

  • Open the App Store
  • Search “iHeartRadio”
  • Tap Get to install

For Android Devices

  • Open the Play Store
  • Search “iHeartRadio”
  • Tap Install to download

On mobile devices, you can simply login with your iHeartRadio account details rather than needing to enter an activation code.

Listen on Your Windows PC

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Search for “iHeartRadio”.
  3. Click Get to install the app.
  4. Launch iHeartRadio and login with your account email and password.
  5. Start listening on your PC!

Frequently Asked Activation Questions

How do I install the iHeartRadio app?

  • Navigate to the app or channel store on your device
  • Search for “iHeartRadio”
  • Select install/add channel

How do I activate iHeartRadio on my TV?

  • Install iHeartRadio from your TV platform’s app store
  • Note down the activation code shown on screen
  • Visit
  • Login and enter the activation code

Is iHeartRadio free to use?

Yes! You can access live radio, podcasts, and personalized stations without paying. Paid subscriptions exist for premium features like unlimited skips.

Get Listening on All Your Devices!

With iHeartRadio offering apps across hundreds of platforms, you can now listen to all your favorite stations and podcasts from virtually any device.

Just locate the app in your device’s store, install it, grab the activation code (if needed), and head to to get setup in minutes.

The process is quick and simple across smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, gaming consoles, and more. Get your music on the go or at home on speakers with the robust iHeartRadio ecosystem.