Accessing Your Home Bargains Employee Account at

Welcome new Home Bargains employees! As you settle into your new role, you’ll want to get familiar with the employee portal. This online hub gives you access to useful tools and information like your work schedule, payslips, company news, and more.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk through:

  • What is Home Bargains?
  • Benefits of the employee portal
  • How to login and sign up
  • Resetting your password
  • Viewing your payslip
  • Key contacts for help

Overview of Home Bargains

Founded in 1976 by Tom Morris, Home Bargains has grown into one of the largest retail chains in the UK. With over 500 stores nationwide employing 22,000 staff, we provide discount homewares and household goods to value-focused shoppers.

As an employee, you’ll receive some excellent benefits through the portal like:

  • 10% employee discount on all purchases
  • Up to 25 days paid holidays per year
  • Training and development programs

Accessing the Home Bargains Portal at

To access the portal, visit the login page at:

You’ll need:

  • Your email address and password
  • A computer, phone or tablet

If you’re new, sign up by:

  1. Going to
  2. Entering your details like:
    • Email
    • Password
    • Employee number
    • National insurance number
  3. Clicking Sign-Up

Resetting Your Password

Forgotten your password? Simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Forgot Password”
  3. Enter your work email address
  4. Click “Request Password Recovery”

Viewing Your Payslip

Once logged into the portal, you can view your payslips digitally including:

  • Your pay and any deductions
  • Details on taxes, national insurance, etc.
  • Your payment method

You can also use the portal to update your bank account details for wages.

Getting Help

If you have any other questions on using the employee portal or work policies, the best first step is to speak with your manager or supervisor.

You can also contact the Home Bargains head office team in Liverpool for technical portal assistance.

We hope this intro guide helps you make the most of the employee portal! Let us know if you have any other questions.