How to Add iWebTV on Roku?

Have you heard about iWebTV, the handy app that lets you cast web videos from your phone right to your TV using a Roku device? If you want an easy way to throw shows from the web onto the big screen, iWebTV is made for you.

In this short guide, I’ll walk through the friendly process to get iWebTV running on your Roku in just a few minutes. Whether you’re a Roku beginner or expert, you’ll have iWebTV casting viral videos and your favorite shows in no time!

Adding iWebTV Directly on Your Roku

The quickest way to add iWebTV is directly through the Roku Channel Store. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the home button on your Roku remote and scroll down to Streaming Channels.
  2. Open the Channel Store.
  3. Select Search and type in “iWebTV“.
  4. Choose the iWebTV channel from the search results.
  5. Select Add Channel on the details page to install it.

Once installed, just launch the iWebTV channel to get started!

💡Pro Tip: Once you log into the iWebTV channel with your account, it will sync your video favorites and watch history across devices!

Adding iWebTV through the Roku Website

If your Roku device isn’t handy, you can also add iWebTV by visiting Roku’s website.

  1. Go to the site and click on What to Watch.
  2. Open the Channel Store.
  3. Search for “iWebTV” and select the channel.
  4. Click Add Channel.

Now iWebTV will automatically download to your Roku device(s) within 24 hours – pretty neat!

Getting iWebTV on Roku with the Mobile App

You can even add iWebTV using the official Roku mobile app for iOS or Android.

  1. Open the Roku app and tap on Channels at the bottom.
  2. Tap on Channel Store then select Search.
  3. Type “iWebTV” and choose the iWebTV channel.
  4. Tap Add to install it.

Sit back and iWebTV will appear on your Roku shortly!

So in just a few taps (and maybe some waiting overnight), you can have iWebTV installed on your Roku. No advanced tech skills required!

I hope this short guide gets you beaming viral videos and your other web favorites up onto the TV in minutes. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!