Heart Attack Grill Menu in Las Vegas

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Las Vegas that’s sure to leave a lasting impression? Look no further than the Heart Attack Grill! This hospital-themed restaurant in the heart of downtown Las Vegas serves up massive burgers, hot dogs, and fries with an unapologetically unhealthy twist.

What to Expect at the Heart Attack Grill

When you step into the Heart Attack Grill, you become a “patient” and are given a hospital gown to wear. “Nurses” take your order and serve your food, and if you fail to finish your meal, you may be subjected to a public spanking with a paddle!

The restaurant’s owner, Jon Basso (aka the “Chief Surgeon”), is outspoken about the unhealthy nature of the food served here. In fact, he’s described it as “nutritional pornography.” The Heart Attack Grill revels in its reputation for serving up artery-clogging meals in a medically-themed atmosphere.

Some key facts about the Heart Attack Grill:

  • Opened in Las Vegas in October 2011
  • Previously had locations in Tempe, AZ and Dallas, TX
  • Basso was a former Jenny Craig franchisee before opening the Heart Attack Grill
  • Several patrons and spokespeople have suffered health issues or passed away, allegedly due to the unhealthy food

The Heart Attack Grill Menu

The star of the show at the Heart Attack Grill is the “bypass burger,” which comes in single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, and octuple versions (with 1-8 patties). The octuple bypass burger clocks in at a whopping 19,900 calories!

Other menu highlights include:

  • Coronary Dogs (1/2 pound hot dogs)
  • Flatliner Fries (deep fried in pure lard)
  • Butter-Fat Shakes
  • Jello Shots (served in a syringe)
  • Wine (served in an IV bag)

Here’s a taste of the pricing (as of March 2024):

Item Price
Single Bypass Burger $9.70
Double Bypass Burger $11.55
Coronary Dog $9.47
Flatliner Fries $1.85
Jello Shot $5.54
Octuple Bypass Burger $24.02

Note: Add-ons like bacon and chili cheese are extra. The Heart Attack Grill is cash-only, so hit the ATM before you go!

One of the Heart Attack Grill’s most famous promotions is that if you weigh over 350 pounds and agree to be weighed on their giant scale, you can eat for free! You’ll be limited to unlimited single bypass burgers (with the purchase of a beverage), and you can’t share or take your food to go.

Visiting the Heart Attack Grill

A few tips for checking out the Heart Attack Grill:

  • Hours: Open daily 11am-10pm
  • Location: 450 Fremont St #130, right off the Fremont Street Experience
  • Reservations: Not accepted (first come, first served)
  • What to wear: Anything you don’t mind getting messy!
  • Who to bring: Adults only (it’s not kid-friendly)

If you’re not up for actually dining at the Heart Attack Grill, you can still get a glimpse of the action through the large glass windows out front. But if you’re feeling brave, go ahead and indulge in a quadruple bypass burger or a Flatliner milkshake – just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Disclaimer: The food served at the Heart Attack Grill is extremely high in calories and fat and should only be consumed in moderation (if at all). Eat at your own risk!