How to Activate Gaia App on Smart Device at

Want to unlock Gaia’s huge library of conscious media on your TV? Getting the app set up is easy. This simple guide will walk you through installing and activating Gaia across popular streaming platforms. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to Gaia

For those new to Gaia, it’s a streaming service focused on yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and more. Their collection of original shows, documentaries, and instructional videos is created by top teachers and thought leaders.

Gaia offers apps for all major streaming devices. Once installed, you can login and access the full Gaia library. But first you need to activate through their website to link your account.

Here’s how to get Gaia activated on popular platforms:

Activate Gaia on Roku at

Installing the Gaia channel on your Roku player only takes a minute.

  1. On your Roku’s home screen, open the Roku Channel Store.
  2. Search for “Gaia” and select the Gaia channel from results.
  3. Choose Add Channel to install it.
  4. Return home and launch the newly added Gaia channel.
  5. When prompted, select Sign In.
    • A unique activation code will display on screen.
  6. Grab a phone, tablet, or computer and visit
  7. Enter your Gaia account login credentials.
  8. Type in the code shown on your TV under Roku activation.
  9. Click Activate.
  10. You now have full Gaia access on your Roku!

Pro Tip: Have your Roku and computer/phone handy to move between entering codes.

Activating Gaia on An Apple TV

Apple fans can also get their Gaia fix right on the TV with just a few quick steps:

  1. Open the App Store from your Apple TV’s home screen.
  2. Search for the Gaia app.
  3. Select Get to install the app.
  4. Press Open after installation completes.
  5. Choose the Login option.
    • An activation code & URL will appear on screen.
  6. Using a second device, browse to
  7. Sign into your Gaia account.
  8. Enter the activation code shown on Apple TV.
  9. Complete any remaining prompts.
  10. Start watching Gaia content on your Apple TV!

And that’s all there is to it! Gaia makes the process painless.

Activating a Fire TV Stick Step-by-Step

Amazon Fire Stick activation employs the same simple steps:

  1. From Fire TV’s main interface, select Find.
  2. Search for the Gaia app.
  3. Choose Gaia in the search results list.
  4. Press Login after opening the app.
  5. Make note of the activation code on display.
  6. Using a browser, visit
  7. Sign into Gaia with your account email & password.
  8. Carefully enter the code from Fire TV activation.
  9. Complete activation!

Getting Gaia on Your Android TV via

  1. From the Android TV home screen open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for and select the Gaia app.
  3. Choose Install.
  4. Press Open after the install finishes.
  5. Select the Login button.
    • An activation code will be displayed.
  6. On a phone, tablet, or computer visit
  7. Login to your Gaia account.
  8. Carefully submit the activation code shown on Android TV.
  9. Follow any remaining on-screen instructions.
  10. Full Gaia access enabled!

And that wraps up Gaia activation. As you can see, it’s super quick and easy across popular streaming platforms. In just minutes you have thousands of consciousness expanding films and originals at your fingertips.

What Gaia content are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments!