Activating FYI TV: A Friendly Guide at

So you want to start watching FYI’s great lifestyle shows on your favorite streaming device? Awesome! Getting set up is easy. This quick guide will walk you through activating FYI on platforms like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.

First, What is FYI?

For those new to FYI, it’s a popular cable channel focusing on food, home renovation, reality TV, and more. Their slogan sums it up: “Very intriguing, mildly interesting.”

Some hit shows on FYI include:

  • Zombie House Flipping – Entrepreneurs revive rundown homes
  • Tiny House Hunting – Follow homebuyers seeking tiny houses
  • Arranged – An inside look at arranged marriages

Now let’s get you watching!

Activating FYI TV Apps

The process for activating FYI is nearly identical across devices. You’ll simply:

  1. Install the FYI app
  2. Launch the app and note the on-screen activation code
  3. Visit and enter the code
  4. Sign in through your TV provider

Then you can start streaming!

Below are specific steps for popular platforms: Roku

Adding FYI on your Roku box or Roku TV is quick:

  1. Search for FYI
  2. Select FYI and choose Add Channel
  3. Launch the app and note activation code
  4. Visit on a web browser
  5. Select Roku and enter your TV provider
  6. Sign in and start watching! Fire TV

Fire TV and Fire Stick owners can also easily add the FYI app:

  1. Search for FYI on your Fire TV
  2. Download and install the FYI app
  3. Launch the app and note activation code
  4. Navigate to on a web browser
  5. Choose Fire TV, select your TV provider, and enter code
  6. Sign in and enjoy! Apple TV

Apple fans can follow almost the exact same FYI activation steps:

  1. Find FYI TV in the App Store
  2. Download and open the app
  3. Note down the activation code on screen
  4. Visit on another device
  5. Pick Apple TV, choose your provider, enter code
  6. Sign in to start streaming your favorite shows! Android TV

Finally, Google smart TV users can also get their FYI fix:

  1. Locate FYI in the Play Store
  2. Install and launch the app
  3. Jot down the on-screen activation code
  4. Head to on a separate device
  5. Select Android TV, choose your provider, enter code
  6. Sign in and enjoy FYI on your Android TV!

See? No matter your streaming platform, getting FYI up and running takes just a few quick steps.

Troubleshooting: Common FYI Activation Questions

Having issues getting FYI going? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why does it say “Geographic Restriction”?

Unfortunately, FYI is only available within the United States currently. So it will be geo-restricted elsewhere.

Can I watch FYI live TV?

The FYI app doesn’t support live streams. But you can view the live feed at

Where do I get my TV provider login?

Your cable TV, satellite TV, or live TV streaming subscription details are needed to activate FYI. Contact your provider if unsure.

Can I remove ads?

Nope. The ads subsidize FYI content being free, so disabling them isn’t possible.

I hope this guide clears up how to get America’s “most mildly interesting network” on your streaming device! Let me know if you have any other questions.