How to Activate Your Spot Device on /activate?

So you just got your hands on a shiny new SPOT satellite communication device! Excellent choice. These handy gadgets leverage 100% satellite connectivity to keep you connected with friends and family when you’re off the grid. But before you can start sending SOS or “I’m OK” messages from the middle of nowhere, you’ll need to activate your SPOT device.

Activating your SPOT is quick and straightforward. Just log on to the website and we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Creating A SPOT Account

If you’re new to SPOT, you’ll first create a user account which allows you to access the SPOT mapping and messaging portal.

  • Navigate your web browser to
  • Click “Begin Activation”
  • Select language preference
  • Create username and password
  • Create security question and answer
  • Select your SPOT device type

If you already have a SPOT account, simply login with your existing credentials. Forgot your password? No worries – you can easily reset it on the portal.

Entering Your Device Details

Next, you’ll be asked to enter a few key details about your specific SPOT device which will connect it to your account. This info is printed on labels found on the bottom of the retail box or inside the battery compartment. Have your SPOT nearby to reference.

  • Country: Choose your country
  • ESN: Enter SPOT Serial Number
  • Auth Code: Enter 8-digit Authorization Code
  • Device Name: Custom name to identify this device

Activating Your Subscription

The final step is selecting one of SPOT’s flexible service plans to activate satellite monitoring for your device. Options range from $17/month all the way up to unlimited plans for high volume usage. Your SPOT will begin broadcasting your GPS location as soon as a subscription is activated.

And that’s it! With those three simple steps – create account, register device, activate service plan – you’re ready to leverage the power of SPOT satellite connectivity. So slip your SPOT in your backpack, pocket, or emergency kit and adventure on knowing you have 24/7 access to emergency services. Safe travels!