Feed Kroger Login at Feed.kroger.com – Kroger ESchedule 2024

Welcome fellow Kroger employees! I’m here to provide you with a helpful guide on accessing your employee account on the Feed.Kroger.com portal.

What is Feed.Kroger.com?

Feed.Kroger.com is an online portal exclusively for Kroger employees like us. It allows us convenient access to:

  • Our work schedules
  • Pay stubs
  • Time off requests
  • Personal contact information
  • Company news and store updates

We can access all this through our Enterprise User ID (EUID) login credentials.

Pretty nifty right? This portal makes managing our employment details easy.

Logging In

Accessing our Feed.Kroger.com account is simple:

  1. Go to Feed.Kroger.com
  2. Enter your EUID username
  3. Enter your account password
  4. Click “I Agree”

And we’re in! From here we can access our:

  • Kroger schedule to check assigned shifts
  • Pay stubs to review compensation
  • Store updates on company happenings

We’ve got it all in one convenient employee portal.

Tip: Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for best results when logging in.

Account Credentials

As a refresher, here’s what you need to access your account:

  • EUID: Also known as your Enterprise User ID, which serves as your unique username
  • Password: Your personal account password

These login credentials are essential for account access, so keep them safe!

And there we have it – everything you need to log into your Kroger employee account. Feel free to bookmark Feed.Kroger.com for quick access.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!