Epixnow.com/activate – How to Activate Epix Now on Roku

Watching movies and TV shows on streaming platforms like EPIX NOW is super convenient. But before you can start bingeing your favorite series, you need to activate EPIX on your device.

Activating EPIX is easy – this guide will show you how in just a few simple steps!


EPIX NOW is a popular on-demand streaming platform with thousands of hit movies, original series, and more. You can watch EPIX content by:

  • Downloading the EPIX NOW app on your smartphone, tablet, streaming device like Roku or Fire TV, and more
  • Visiting epixnow.com in your web browser

With EPIX NOW you can watch top shows like:

  • Godfather of Harlem
  • Pennyworth
  • Belgravia
  • And tons more!

There’s no need to register or login to start streaming. But activating EPIX gives you access to the full library.

Activate EPIX in Just 3 Steps

Activating EPIX on your devices only takes a few minutes. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Get Activation Code
    • On your device, launch the EPIX NOW app
    • Go to the Activation page
    • An activation code will be displayed
  2. Enter Code
    • Visit epix.com/activate on your computer or mobile browser
    • Choose your TV provider
    • Sign into your EPIX account
    • Input the 6-digit activation code
  3. Start Watching!
    • Return to your device
    • You can now access the full EPIX streaming library
    • Browse movies and shows and start watching!

And that’s it! In just three quick steps you can start streaming the latest films, EPIX originals, and more in no time.

“Activating EPIX NOW unlocks thousands of hours of entertainment instantly!”

Activate Epix Using Epix.Com/Devices?

The activation steps are generally the same across devices, with just a few small tweaks.

Here are device-specific instructions:


  1. Open the EPIX NOW channel on your Roku
  2. Visit epix.com/devices/roku to get your 6-digit code
  3. Input the code on your Roku to activate

Fire TV

  1. Find the EPIX NOW app on your Fire TV
  2. Install the app
  3. Visit epixnow.com/activate for your activation code
  4. Enter code in the app


  1. Download EPIX NOW from the Xbox Store
  2. Launch the app and browse to the Activate page
  3. Get your 6-digit code from epix.com/activate
  4. Input the code on your Xbox to activate

And you’re set! Enjoy unlimited access to EPIX NOW and stream to your heart’s content.

Get Help Activating

Having trouble activating EPIX? Contact their super helpful customer support team:

Phone: 855-830-7071
Website: epixnow.com/contact

They can provide step-by-step assistance with any activation issues.

So don’t hesitate to reach out for support activating your EPIX NOW account. Their team is available to help you gain full access to thousands of shows and movies!

Start Streaming Today

Activating EPIX unlocks a world of phenomenal entertainment. It only takes a couple minutes to start streaming anywhere, anytime.

Visit epixnow.com/activate now to get set up and immerse yourself in EPIX NOW’s stellar library. Happy streaming!