Accessing Your Henry Ford Health System Email at

Have you ever needed to check your Henry Ford email when away from your work computer? Or maybe you wanted to view your medical records or appointment details on the go. Well, the Henry Ford Connect portal has you covered!

In this handy guide, we’ll explore how to:

  • Log into your Henry Ford email remotely
  • Reset your password if needed
  • Get assistance from the help desk
  • Access useful features of the portal

I’ll also explain what Henry Ford Connect is all about and why it can make your life easier. Let’s dive in!

What is Henry Ford Connect?

Henry Ford Connect is an online portal created by the prominent Henry Ford Health System based in Detroit, MI. It allows both employees and patients convenient digital access to:

  • Email
  • Medical records
  • Appointments
  • Billing
  • Educational resources
  • More

It brings Henry Ford’s services into one centralized hub for an improved user experience.

Key Benefits

Logging into your account unlocks valuable capabilities like:

  • Communicating with your doctor through video visits
  • Renewing prescriptions
  • Checking test results
  • Estimating costs
  • Paying bills online

Henry Ford Connect makes vital health data available anywhere with an internet connection. It’s a major perk for using Henry Ford’s facilities.

Now let’s look at actually accessing these features…

Logging Into Your Email Remotely

To sign into your Henry Ford email address from any device:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your full email address (e.g. [email protected])
  3. Input your network password
  4. Click sign in

And you’re in!

Pro Tip: Bookmark this page for quick access later

Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, no worries!

  1. Follow the account recovery steps on the owa login page
  2. Choose password reset
  3. Submit your user ID
  4. Answer the security questions

You’ll then be emailed a temporary code to confirm your identity and reset the password.

Getting Help from Henry Ford Support

The Henry Ford help desk assists with any account or portal issues:

General Help Desk
Phone: (313) 916-2600

Patients in Detroit/Southern MI
Phone: (800) 436-7936

Patients in Jackson/Central MI
Phone: (517) 205-4800

Visit their contact page for more options.

When you call, provide relevant details like full name, medical record number, and specific problem. This helps them troubleshoot quickly!

I hope this guide gave you a useful overview of accessing Henry Ford Connect’s email and support. Their online portal really does make life simpler by putting medical care at your fingertips.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!