How to Download Twitch Videos and Clips (Yours and Others’)

Welcome! This guide will teach you how to download videos from Twitch so you can save your own streams as well as clips from other creators.

Enabling Video Downloads for Your Channel

As a Twitch streamer, you can download past broadcasts and highlights to store locally before they are automatically deleted. Here’s how:

  • Log into Twitch and go to your Creator Dashboard
  • Click on Settings > Channel & Videos
  • Under Preferences, turn on the Store Past Broadcasts option

This enables automatic archiving so all future streams are saved.

You’ll then be able to download videos from the Video Producer section:

  • Go to your Creator Dashboard and click your profile picture
  • Select Video Producer > More > Download
  • Choose files to save to your computer

⏳ Give it up to 60 days for broadcasts to become available as VODs for download after airing live.

Using Third-Party Apps to Download Others’ Clips

While Twitch doesn’t officially support downloading other creators’ content, some third-party apps like Twitch Leecher enable this.

⚠️ Use carefully at your own risk!

Here is how to download Twitch Leecher and use it:

  1. Go to and download the latest install file
  2. Open and run the Twitch Leecher executable file
  3. When launched, search Twitch and find a video
  4. Right-click and copy the video link address
  5. In Twitch Leecher, paste this URL in the search bar and click Download
  6. Select resolution and save location

And you have the video! The Twitch Leecher app makes it quick and easy.

Extra Tips

  • Check channel rules before downloading others’ content
  • Store videos locally to re-upload or archive memorable moments
  • Use downloads for video editing projects like montages
  • Enable VOD archiving from day one so you never lose epic wins!

I hope this beginner’s guide helps you unlock the full potential of downloading with Twitch. Let me know if you have any other questions!