How to Activate DisneyNow on Your Device at

Want to watch Disney shows on the go? DisneyNow is a handy app that lets you stream shows from Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, and more on your phone, tablet, streaming device, and more.

Activating DisneyNow is a breeze. Just follow this simple guide to get set up, no matter what device you have.


DisneyNow replaced the old network-specific apps like Watch Disney Channel. It brings all your favorite shows together in one app that works across platforms.

Compatible Devices:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV)
  • Android (phones, tablets, Android TV)
  • Roku
  • Fire Tablets
  • Samsung Smart TVs (Tizen OS)

What You’ll Need:

  • A DisneyNow account
  • Supported device connected to Wi-Fi
  • Activation code (displayed in the app)

Activation Steps at

Activating DisneyNow follows the same basic steps on any device:

  1. Install the DisneyNow app
  2. Sign in to your DisneyNow account
  3. Note down the 7-digit activation code
  4. Enter code at
  5. Sign in again on your device

Here are more detailed instructions for popular platforms:

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV)

  1. Download the DisneyNow app from the App Store
  2. Launch the app and sign in
  3. Write down activation code from welcome screen
  4. Visit on a browser
  5. Enter code and select Continue
  6. Sign in again on your iOS device
  7. Tap Congratulations! to finish on Roku

  1. Access Roku Channel Store
  2. Search for DisneyNow
  3. Select Add Channel to install
  4. Open DisneyNow app and sign in
  5. Note down activation code
  6. Go to
  7. Input code and tap Continue
  8. Sign in on Roku to activate

Fire Tablet

  1. Find DisneyNow in Amazon Appstore
  2. Download and open the app
  3. Enter credentials to sign in
  4. Write down activation code from welcome page
  5. Visit on a separate device
  6. Input code and select Activate

Android Devices

  1. Search for DisneyNow on Google Play Store
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Sign in to DisneyNow account
  4. Note down code from welcome screen
  5. Navigate to in a browser
  6. Enter code and tap Continue
  7. Sign in again on your Android device

When DisneyNow Isn’t Working

Like any app, you might run into issues using DisneyNow from time to time. Here is some troubleshooting advice:

Fix DisneyNow Audio Issues

  • Make sure speakers are on and volume is up
  • Close and reopen the app
  • Force quit other running apps
  • Restart your device
  • Contact DisneyNow support

Video Not Playing

  • Check internet speed (should be >1.5 Mbps)
  • Close and relaunch DisneyNow
  • Disconnect other devices using internet
  • Restart device
  • Contact DisneyNow support

Video Buffering or Choppy Playback

  • Ensure device meets minimum requirements
  • Test internet speed
  • Restart DisneyNow app
  • Restart device
  • Contact DisneyNow via online form

Contact DisneyNow Support

Call 1-855-545-0310 for any other issues activating or using DisneyNow.

I hope this guide helps you get DisneyNow up and running! Let me know if you have any other questions.