How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

So you sit down ready to stream the latest episode of your favorite show on Disney+, only to see “We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).”

Not to worry my friend! I’ve got some handy tips to help get you streaming again in no time.

What Causes Error Code 39?

When you see Error Code 39, it typically means there’s some sort of rights management or security issue going on behind the scenes preventing your device from making a secure connection to stream the video.

While this error most commonly pops up on Xbox One, it can happen on any device – smart TVs, mobile apps, streaming sticks, you name it.

6 Easy Ways to Fix Disney+ Error Code 39

Try the tips below one-by-one until the problem is resolved. Here we go!

1. Reload/Refresh the Video

Click the refresh icon or back out and select the video again. This quick reset sometimes clears out the error.

2. Restart Your Xbox App

If you’re on an Xbox, close out of the app for 10-15 seconds and reload. This may allow the security handshake to reconnect properly.

3. Try Another Device

See if you can successfully play content on another Disney+ compatible device like a Roku or smart TV. If so, the issue lies with your Xbox or primary streaming device.

4. Switch HDMI Ports

Swap to a different HDMI input on your TV to rule out any port specific problems.

5. Swap Out Faulty HDMI Cables

Do not use HDMI to VGA converters! Grab a different HDMI cable and see if that fixes things. Faulty cables are a common cause.

6. Reinstall the Disney+ App

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the app completely:

  1. Delete the app
  2. Shut down and unplug streaming device
  3. Wait a few minutes
  4. Start back up and reinstall app

This forces the handshake process to start from scratch.

Still Seeing Error Code 39?

If you still can’t get things working after trying the tips above, reach out directly to Disney+ support for further troubleshooting. Provide the error details and they’ll help get to the bottom of it!

I hope these quick fixes get you back to streaming your faves in a jiffy. Pop back and let me know if you have any other Disney+ questions!