How to Activate Destiny Card at

So you’ve got a Destiny MasterCard in the mail, but aren’t sure how to activate it and start using your new credit line? Don’t sweat it! Activating your card is a breeze. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be all set in minutes.

Who Should Get the Destiny Card?

The Destiny MasterCard is designed for folks with less-than-stellar credit who want to improve their credit score over time. It’s best for:

  • People with bad or no credit history
  • Students looking to build credit for the first time

No upfront security deposit is required, and they only ask for a minimum credit score during the quick pre-qualification check.

How to Activate Your Card at

Ready to activate your card and start improving your credit? Here’s what to do:

Gather Your Information

  • Card number
  • CVV/Security code
  • Expiration date
  • Date of Birth

Visit the Activation Page

Go to on your computer or mobile device.

Log In

Enter your card account Username and Password to access the secure activation page.

Follow the Steps

Carefully enter all required card details like card number, security code, DOB etc. when prompted.

Click Activate

Double check all info is correct, then click Activate.

Once successfully activated, you can immediately begin using your Destiny MasterCard for purchases online and in stores!

Key Benefits of the Destiny Card

Here are some of the biggest perks you’ll enjoy with your Destiny card:

  • No security deposit required upfront
  • Reports your monthly activity to all 3 major credit bureaus to build your score
  • Quick online pre-qualification takes under 60 seconds
  • Card arrives in the mail within days if approved
  • Can be managed fully via the Destiny MasterCard mobile app

By responsibly managing your new credit line, you can quickly boost your credit score and qualify for better cards and loans down the road.

Have additional questions about activating or using your Destiny MasterCard? Ask them below!