Dashboard Anywhere Chrysler Login – Employee Login Portals

Welcome! If you work at Chrysler, you likely need to log into the company’s Dashboard Anywhere portal. This helpful site lets you access personal info, request time off, and more.

Unfortunately, you might also be stumped by:

  • Forgetting your username or password
  • Not knowing where to find the login page

Not to worry. This informal guide has all the steps to access your account 😊 We’ll cover:

  • What Dashboard Anywhere does for Chrysler employees
  • The sign-in process
  • How to reset your password when locked out

We also provide handy resources for further reading. Let’s get started!

Key Dashboard Features

For many perks! Dashboard Anywhere lets you:

  • View salary, benefits, and other personal data
  • Check your remaining time off
  • Submit changes to your contact or insurance info
  • File an incident report (ouch!)
  • so much more – there are tons of options

You can get this info anywhere with an internet connection, without installing any software. It streamlines work like requesting vacations or changing your address.

Dashboard Anywhere means:

  • Improved productivity: All your tools in one spot, with no hassle. Just sign in and get your tasks done!
  • Better recruitment/retention: Employees appreciate the convenience and transparency.

Now that you know why it’s worthwhile, let’s get you logged in!

Accessing Your Dashboard Anywhere

First, browse to the login page at:


Over on the right you’ll see a Login button like this:

Click that and the sign-in form pops up.

Then enter:

  • Your username: Typically your employee ID number
  • Your password: Hopefully something secure!

And voila! Tap Sign In and you’ll reach your personal Dashboard portal. 🎉

From here you can navigate between your profile, timecards, pay stubs, and more.

*Pro Tip: * Bookmark this page for faster access later.

Resetting Passwords

We all forget things sometimes. So what if your password slips your mind?

No problem! Here is how you can reset and recover access:

  1. Visit the login URL again at [https://fca.fyi/EmployeeCentral]
  2. Click the Login button, but this time choose “Need assistance with logging in? (Password Wizard)” underneath
  3. Follow the on-screen cues to pick a fresh password
  4. Sign in with your new credentials

And you’re back in business! 😁

Additional Chrysler Resources

Hopefully this guide covered the basics of accessing your Dashboard Anywhere account. But FCA offers many useful employment resources, like:

  • FCA Benefits Hub: One-stop for health, retirement savings, paid leave, and other perks
  • FCA Drive Portal: Information and training tools for your exact role
  • Regional site for your office location

The company intranet has links to these and more handy pages.

So don’t be shy about exploring all the support available as a Chrysler employee! Reach out to your supervisor or HR team anytime for help too.

Best of luck utilizing Dashboard Anywhere and all your other work tools!