Craftsman DYT 4000 Price, Specs, Reviews & Attachments 2024

Interested in the Craftsman DYT 4000 riding lawn mower? As a longtime Craftsman owner myself, I put together this in-depth guide to help others learn if it’s the right mower for their yard.

Craftsman DYT 4000 Overview

The Craftsman DYT 4000 is a sturdy and powerful lawn tractor equipped with an 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine and 42″ mowing deck. It’s a great option for homeowners with 1-2 acres of yard to mow regularly.

I’ll cover everything you need to know:

  • Price, specs, and features
  • Attachments
  • Reviews from other owners
  • Tips for getting the best deal

And plenty more! Whether you’re considering buying new or used, let’s take a closer look at exactly what this mower offers.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the DYT 4000 packs some serious muscle:

  • 503cc Briggs & Stratton 31P777 engine
  • 18.5 HP & 13.8 kW power
  • Electric push-button start
  • Hydrostatic transmission for smooth acceleration

That 18.5 HP delivers enough cutting power to speed through most yards quickly. The hydrostatic transmission makes driving the mower simple and low-effort too. Just push the pedal and go!

It easily powers up hills and handles most turf conditions outside of very thick grass. The twin cylinder design also runs smoother than a single cylinder engine.

So from a pure mowing perspective, owners say it has all the power and durability they need even after years of regular use.

Craftsman DYT 4000 Attachments and Accessories

The DYT 4000 tractor comes equipped with a 42 inch mid-mount mowing deck. This deck size is well-suited for managing 1-2 acre residential plots.

  • 2-blade design with manual lift system
  • Cutting width: 42 inches (106 cm)
  • Uses AYP 144959 deck belt

You can also add a rear bagger for collecting clippings as you mow. This comes in handy if you want to mulch leaves in the fall or keep the yard tidy.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many other attachments like snow blowers available from Craftsman. But you can find generic 3-point hitch accessories or pull-behind tools made by other brands that will work fine.

Comfort and Convenience

  • Open operator platform with adjustable seat
  • Manual steering
  • 12V electric outlet for accessories

The DYT 4000 features an open rider design that keeps things basic but functional. You get a comfortably padded seat and manual steering.

Storage includes the standard 12V outlet for plugging in accessories like phones or speakers.

It lacks creature comforts like cup holders or high-back seats. But owners say it provides a smooth, comfortable mow despite the basic design.

Reviews from Owners

Current and past Craftsman owners give the DYT 4000 high marks for reliability and ease of use:

“I’ve put this mower through heck for 5 years mowing 2 acres weekly and it just keeps going. Starts right up every time and cuts beautifully.”

“The hydrostatic transmission sold me. Makes it so easy to just hop on and mow without hassling with gear shifting. Even going uphill it has plenty of power.”

“Super simple to operate and maintain myself. I check the fluids occasionally and sharpen the blades when needed and that’s about it.”

Most agree that the Briggs & Stratton engine holds up well over time. And they find the mower both durable and easy enough for anyone to operate after reading the manual.

Price and Used Value

New Craftsman DYT 4000 Price: Originally $1700 USD

Since it’s no longer manufactured, you’ll have to buy used. Here’s what to expect:

  • eBay Listings: $800 – $2500
  • Craigslist Search: $500 – $2000
  • TractorHouse Listings: $1000 – $2500

Prices vary depending on age, condition, hours used, and location. But well-maintained used models still sell for $1500+ nationwide. That speaks to their reputation for reliability!

If buying used, look for units with lower hours and some maintenance history. Try to inspect in person and take it for a short test drive if possible.

Finding the Best Deal

Here are some top tips for getting the best bang for your buck:

  • Consider travelling a bit farther out to expand your options
  • Check listing sites regularly since deals come and go
  • Buy in the offseason fall/winter months if possible
  • Look for models maintained by original owners when possible
  • Negotiate price for issues like worn tires/belts or dirty mowing decks

With some smart searching and patience, you can likely find a quality used DYT 4000 ready to keep your lawn pristine for years to come.

The Bottom Line

For 1-2 acre residential plots, the Craftsman DYT 4000 riding mower delivers simplicity, durability, ample power, and great cut quality. It matches well with the needs of most homeowners.

Briggs & Stratton engines are known to withstand the test of time. And the hydrostatic transmission offers seamless speeds perfect for mowing sizable yards efficiently.

While it lacks the attachments and extras of higher-end tractors, you get incredible bang for your buck. Used models still sell for $1500+ nationwide even after years of steady use.

If you want an affordable, no-frills workhorse that makes mowing your land easy, the DYT 4000 is a perfect fit. Just be ready to act fast when you find one, as their reputation keeps demand high!

Hopefully this guide gave you all the details about price, performance, features, and value. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!