How to Watch HLN on Your Roku Device at

Have you ever wanted to watch HLN (formerly Headline News) on your Roku but weren’t sure how? Well, I’ve got some good news for you!

While HLN doesn’t have an official channel in the Roku store, there is a simple way to access HLN on your Roku. Let me walk you through it.

Use the CNNgo App to Watch HLN at

The secret is to use the CNNgo app. This app gives you access to live CNN channel streaming as well as lots of on-demand shows.

And the best part? It includes HLN programming too!

Here are the quick steps to get CNNgo set up:

  1. On your Roku’s Home screen, select “Streaming Channels”
  2. Choose “Search Channels”
  3. Search for and select the “CNNgo” app
  4. Click “Add Channel” to download it
  5. Return to Home and open the CNNgo app
  6. When prompted, write down the activation code
  7. Go to and enter the code

That’s it! Now you can enjoy HLN and all kinds of other news programming.

Pro Tip: If your activation code doesn’t work, try updating your Roku device or clearing your browser cache and cookies.

Other Ways to Access HLN

If you’ve cut the cord, there are a few streaming TV services that also include HLN:

I recommend comparing features and pricing to find the best fit. But regardless of which streaming service you choose, you’ll now be able to enjoy HLN on your Roku!

I hope this guide has been helpful. Now just grab your remote and start watching HLN! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.