Your Guide to Activating Boomerang Across Devices At

Hey there! Looking to gain access to Boomerang’s huge library of over 5,000 classic cartoons and movies? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to activate the Boomerang app across various streaming platforms.

Whether you want to watch Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, or Tom & Jerry on your phone, tablet, computer or living room TV, I’ve got you covered. Just follow these simple steps for whichever device you own.

An Overview of Boomerang

For those new to Boomerang, here’s a quick 101 before we dive into the activation steps:

  • Boomerang is owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and focuses primarily on classic animated shows and movies from Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, and other studios.
  • In addition to the legacy content, Boomerang also creates new shows, reboots, and spinoffs of popular franchises like Scooby-Doo.
  • You can access Boomerang via:
    • The cable TV channel
    • Online at
    • Mobile apps
    • Streaming platforms like Roku and Apple TV

Now let’s get you set up!

Activating Boomerang on Roku At

If you want to watch Boomerang using your Roku device:

  1. Go to the Search Channels option on your Roku home screen
  2. Search for “Boomerang”
  3. Select the Boomerang channel and tap “Add Channel”
  4. Launch the newly installed Boomerang channel
  5. Choose to Sign In (you’ll see a code on your TV screen for account authorization)
  6. Visit on your computer or mobile device
  7. Sign into your Boomerang account and enter the code
  8. Start streaming cartoons on your Roku!

Activating Boomerang via Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV owners can also get their Boomerang fix by:

  • Finding the “Boomerang” app in your Fire TV Apps & Games section
  • Installing the app
  • Opening it and selecting “Sign In” to trigger an activation code
  • Going to to sign in and enter the code
  • Returning to your Fire TV to enjoy full access

Pro Tip: You can also watch Boomerang via the Amazon Prime Video app if you have a Prime membership!

Activating Boomerang on Android TVs

If you want to activate Boomerang on an Android smart TV, simply:

  • Open the Play Store app on your Android TV
  • Search for and install the Boomerang app
  • Open the app and sign into your account
  • Alternatively, if you see an activation code, visit to enter it

And that’s it! The app will now be ready for all your cartoon binging needs.

Activating Boomerang via Apple TV

Apple fans can activate Boomerang on their Apple TV by:

  • Finding the Boomerang app in the App Store
  • Downloading and installing it
  • Opening the app and signing into your account
  • If you get an activation code instead, visit to enter it

Simple enough! Now just grab some snacks and put your feet up to enjoy hours of animated entertainment.

I hope this breakdown has helped explain the quick process to get Boomerang working across all your household devices. Let me know if you have any other questions!