Bored of Seeing Same Roku Logo? Try These Top 5 Roku Screensavers Now

After binge-watching your favorite shows, it’s nice to give your eyes a break with a visually appealing screensaver when your Roku is idle. Roku offers a variety of stunning, customizable screensaver options to suit any interest. In this post, we’ll explore some of the top picks and how to personalize them to your taste.

Why Choose an Interesting Roku Screensaver?

Before jumping into the screensaver options, let’s consider why it’s worth taking a few minutes to upgrade from the default Roku screensaver:

  • Protect your TV display: A screensaver can prevent image burn-in on the screen during idle periods.
  • Entertainment: Visually engaging screensavers can be a beauty boost whenever you glance at the TV.
  • Customization: Many screensavers allow widgets, colors, and settings adjustments to your preferences.
  • Conversation starter: Unique or beautiful backdrops can spark discussion and wonder. Kids especially may find fish, northern lights, or seasonal landscapes memorizing.

With those benefits in mind, here are 5 top, customizable Roku screensaver picks to rejuvenate your viewing experience.

5 Mesmerizing Roku Screensavers

1. Aurora Lights Collection

This screensaver offers jaw-dropping footage of the northern lights dancing across Arctic landscapes. Details:

  • Multiple northern lights videos to cycle through, all with relaxing music.
  • Option for weather and clock widgets.
  • Vivid colors shimmering across the sky for visual relaxation.

“I turn my TV on just for the Aurora screensaver sometimes. It’s better than a flame fireplace video!” – Amanda, Roku owner

2. Digital Clock

A classic clock face with weather details. Features:

  • Displays time (12 or 24 hour) and indoor/outdoor temperature/forecast.
  • Customize background and font colors.
  • Optional seconds ticker.
  • Resize widgets and set opacity.

This is a great minimalist, functional option for kitchen TVs or home office spaces.

3. Aquatic Life

Under the sea beauty for animal lovers. Includes:

  • Tropical fish and underwater creatures swimming peacefully.
  • Calming backgrounds like sea tunnels and coral reefs.
  • Ambient water sounds.
  • Schools of fish and the occasional sea turtle gliding by.

Kids find this aquarium-style screensaver particularly absorbing. The blue hues are also relaxing.

4. Winter Forest

Snow-covered forest landscapes to get you in the winter spirit. Features:

  • Snow falling softly through pine trees.
  • Peaceful music.
  • Occasional forest animals peeking out.
  • Lovely view when enjoying a warm drink indoors.

“I don’t have a fireplace, so the winter forest screensaver creates that cozy, cabin feeling on cold nights.” – Sara, mom of two

5. Romance Screensaver

Rose petals, candles, and loving couples against backdrops like Parisian cafes. Includes:

  • Black and white or color backgrounds with iconic romance scenes.
  • Ambient cafe sound effects.
  • Subtle animation like blinking candles and falling rose petals.

While less flashy than other options, the Romance screensaver sets a affectionate mood. Try it for date nights after turning off the TV.

Personalizing Your Roku Screensaver

Most screensavers offer settings or widgets to adapt to your taste. For example:

  • Add a digital or analog clock.
  • Display current temperature and weather icon.
  • Adjust the music volume or mute it.
  • Shuffle between multiple scenes or loop one.
  • Resize and reposition overlay widgets.

To access the settings, select the star button on your Roku remote, then select “Screensaver” and choose your downloaded screensaver. Adjust to your liking!

I hope this overview gets you excited to upgrade your Roku idle screen to something more eye-catching or cozy. Let us know which one is your favorite or if you have a top pick I missed! The options are truly endless once you start exploring.