How to Activate Ancestry DNA Kit at

So you just got an Ancestry DNA kit in the mail? Awesome! I know you’re excited to unlock the secrets hiding in your genes. But before you spit into that tube, let’s go over how to properly activate your kit so your DNA results connect to your Ancestry account.

Ancestry DNA Kit: What You Need to Know First

Got a few minutes before activating? Here’s some key stuff to consider:

  • You need an Ancestry account. If you don’t have one yet, create your free account now. This connects your DNA results.
  • Keep your activation code secret…for now! This unique 15-digit code on your collection tube links your DNA to your account.
  • One DNA kit per account. The only exception is when testing minor children.
  • No email yet? You’ll need one to create an account. Use a new one if your current email is tied to another Ancestry account.

Okay, now you know the activation code drill. Let’s get started!

Walkthrough: 6 Easy Steps to Activate Your DNA Kit

Activating your kit takes just a few minutes. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the kit activation page at
  2. Click “Sign In” with your Ancestry account
  3. Enter your 15-digit activation code from the collection tube
  4. Select if you’re activating your own kit or someone else’s
  5. Provide info like birth year and gender
  6. Consent to DNA processing, matching, and research

And that’s it – you successfully activated your DNA kit! Be sure to check the DNA tab in your Ancestry account to track processing status.

When your activation code arrives, don’t worry about memorizing this whole process. I’ll walk you through the key steps below.

Step 1: Sign In at

  • Navigate to the kit activation page
  • Click the blue “Sign In” button
  • Enter your Ancestry account login credentials
  • Confirm you’re signed into the correct account

If you don’t have an account yet, click “Create a free account now” instead. Provide your email and create a password to get started.

Step 2: Enter Your Unique Activation Code

  • Find the 15 digit activation code printed on your collection tube and packet
  • Carefully enter the code combination of letters and numbers
  • Click “Next” to link this code to your Ancestry account

Pro Tip: Double check your code entry if you get an error message. It’s easy to mistake certain letters and numbers that look similar.

Step 3: Select Who You’re Activating For

Now connect your DNA results to yourself or someone else:

  • Choose “Myself” or enter your child’s name
  • Pick “Someone else” to activate another adult’s DNA kit
  • Provide birth year, gender, and consent info

Lastly, customize your DNA matching and test result preferences. Want weekly updates on new relatives? Toggle settings on or off here too.

Once finished, kindly review all entries before final submission. Then Congrats – you activated your Ancestry DNA kit! Now just mail in your saliva sample and patiently await your DNA story.

FAQ: Common Activation Questions

Still confused on something? Check if your question appears here:

Lost activation code? Request a free replacement kit here. Ancestry emails a new one.

Code not working? Check if it’s 15 digits long with alternating letters/numbers. The number “5” can look like the letter “S” too.

Solution won’t release into tube? Loosen cap gently first. Keep twisting firmly until the blue liquid appears.

No plastic saliva return bag? Use a Ziploc bag inside the return box instead.

Other questions? See Ancestry’s contact page for support options.

I hope this guide cleared up any activation confusion! Let me know if you have any other DNA kit questions.