Connecting Minecraft Crossplay Using

Playing Minecraft with friends can be a blast. But what if your friends play on different platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or mobile? Enter – your gateway to crossplay. This guide explains how to use to unlock cross-device multiplayer.

What is is a Microsoft portal that allows Minecraft players to connect and play together across platforms through Xbox Live. It links your other devices like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, or Android to your Microsoft account.

Once connected, you can play multiplayer Minecraft with friends no matter what devices you’re on. Your Minecraft Marketplace purchases also carry over across your connected platforms.

Steps to Enable Minecraft Crossplay at

Enabling crossplay Minecraft multiplayer using takes just a few easy steps:

  1. Visit

    This will take you to the Microsoft login page for connecting devices.

  2. Enter the 8-digit code

    When prompted, input the code 2FRBVP2H to link your device.

  3. Click “Next” and then “Play”

    This will connect you to your Microsoft account through Xbox Live.

  4. Access the “Friends” tab > “Add a friend”

    Search your Microsoft friends list to find fellow Minecraft players.

  5. Send multiplayer invites to start crossplay!

    Join each other’s worlds and prepare for cross-platform fun!

Tip: Make sure to use the same Microsoft account you plan to link to PlayStation Network or Nintendo for connecting those devices.


Sometimes errors pop up preventing from linking properly. Here are some common issues and fixes:

  • Error message says “HTTPS aka ms remote connect not working”

    This means another device is already linked to your Microsoft account. Make sure to sign out on the other hardware before trying to reconnect.

  • Get error about remote connect failing to link

    Restarting your device/console and router can clear up connection problems behind non-working links.

  • Code 2FRBVP2H not recognized

    Make sure you are visiting the correct Microsoft login page for entering that 8-digit code.

If problems persist, contact Minecraft customer support for troubleshooting help. Provide details like affected devices, error messages, and troubleshooting attempts.

Bring Your Block Party Together

While connecting devices through takes just minutes, the expanded Minecraft adventures with crossplay last forever. Gather Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and mobile-toting friends in one world to explore, build, and battle as a united block placing crew!

With the Microsoft account link bridge empowering this unified play across platforms, alias “ms remote connect” and “remoteconnect” also float around as nicknames. But the true portal lies at – the gateway to playing Minecraft with friends on any device they game on.